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Posted by panch from ? ( on Sunday, May 26, 2002 at 7:16PM :

...what it really is, in this country at least. The Christian religion is a political party of sorts that uses "god" and those "teachings" to push past us an agenda that is as hard rock bottom business oriented as anything could be.

Especially the American brand of Protestantism and Baptist...the Catholic Church just wants bootey...cute little ones too.

These guys could care less about children, their welfare, your soul, heaven, holiness and all the other things they deceive you all with while all the time they are pushing an agenda of lowered taxes and free ranging Capitalism.

I'm sick and tired of having to swallow this crock any longer and the sooner the rest of us stop being sold this bill of goods the better for the planet.

I mean really! I'm supposed to live my life and raise my children acording to the disctates of a bunch of goatherds and swineherds and laborors of 2000 years ago? Their ideas about homosexuality are supposed to guide me today??? What they say is "holy" or "sacred" or even right and proper and is supposed to stand the test of time...why...because you'll burn me alive if I disagree? How would you like to have your babies brain operated on by someone using the same techniques those pig herders used back then?

Maybe that's why we are seeing such rank hypocrasy and brutality from everyone professing that a god, even the SAME god speaks to them all. If you do this much violence to your own Reason and sanity...if you twist yourselves into accepting the obvious crimes and misdemeanors committed in god's name and YOURS, then you will not be able to shape much of the life that goes on around you and we will all become increasingly driven by this madness into drugging ourselves and our children into the zombie existence it takes to swallow this much nonsense.

-- panch
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