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Posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, May 28, 2002 at 9:43AM :

::: When will Islamic nations rise up to fight a war against the terrorists who kill in the name of Allah? When will Iran, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and other Islamic countries rise up to contain Fatah, Martyr's Brigade and Hamas? Are they powerless to contain the asymmetric agression performed by these idiots? When will other Islamic leaders in the world realize that if they are so concerned with the people of Palestine, they need to take out the leaders who work against statehood by killing innocent men, women and children? I know the Palestinian people want peace. They also want a state and they deserve a state. The leaders of Hamas, Fatah and Martyr's Brigade need to be eradicated not by Israeli forces but by leaders of other Islamic and Arab states, in order to propel negotiation of a two-state solution for the Palestinians and Israelis. :::

In response to your rant, I ask:
First of all, what are "Islamic" Nations? Are they nations which have a government composed of Islamic clerics, or are they nations which have a population, the majority of which is Muslim?

I don't believe that Lebannon, Jordan, or Egypt should be considered Islamic countries.

Would it be ridiculous for me to "rant" that the nations with a majority population that practices or identifies with one type of Christianity (forget the denominations)... the "christian" (Western) nations should step in and stop the violence in Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants? How about stopping the other wars in which "Christian" countries are involved?

I hope you didn't mind that I copied this from your away message.

-- Jeff
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