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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, May 28, 2002 at 5:40PM :

Just remember that Andreas came highly the Drag Queen itself.

You have to adnire Andreas...I mean here he is coming from a Bastard Race that only 60 years ago was raping Jewish children and their parents...incinerating them, skinning them for lampshades and book covers and fine gloves...using women´s breasts for pipe tobacco pouches...figuring out just how much it cost to kill efficiently and how much could be retrieved from the sale of the fats and bones and teeth of innocent Jews, to offset the cost of slaughtering he is giving Assyrians lessons in civility and culture and advice as to how to conduct ourselves to make up for those awful ancestors of ours who helped provide whatever of civilization was left after the Germans got through trying to ruin it all.

Not even three thousand years ago did the Assyrians do anything to approach the heinous and barbaric depredations of these Christians from Hell. We skinned the officials reponsible for rebellions, not the innocent children. We forgave and forgave...even when betrayed and deceived time again before retaliating against the leaders responsible, not our neighbor´s child... and not because of some stupid church doctrine that said Jews killed a carpenter therefore you could do whatever you wanted to them.

The Nazi Germans...and they were ALL in it...committed the most unspeakable crimes against totally and unconditionally innocent men, women and children. No Jew anywhere had attacked or provoked anyone. Indeed within Germany itself Jews were more then happy to confrom and behave as any other thick headed lout of a Kraut. That´s in some stark contrast to the Assyrian position which never condoned turning and attacking your own neighbors, your child´s own playmates, just because of a slight religious piece of idiocy.

Where, you might well ask him, does he come off offering advice to people who never behaved the way his own people did just a few short years ago...Christians no less?

I guess Germans make HIM sick too.

-- panch
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