CALIFORNIA?? Anybody home??

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Posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, May 28, 2002 at 11:20PM :

In Reply to: Re: From the web site posted by Rolf Dusseldorf from ( on Tuesday, May 28, 2002 at 6:16PM :

: No isnīt a crazy idea at all...others do it. Itīs just crazy for us. We have been fed milquetoast all our lives and canīt muster the energy to get out of harms way, let alone take a pro-active stand about anything.

: Lina is like our own Heritage. All she is waiting for is for us to stop being complacent in the face of what we think has to be inevitable, but which other people routinely confront and, often enough, triumph over.

: We are not a poor people, we are not a heartless people, but we are a gutless people.

++++ Well, not knowing much about our community in California, and not knowing many people in California (and not being under the jurisdiction of California...just HAD to throw that in for Shawn)... I wouldn't know where to begin. I wonder if any of those Californians are reading now.

If they are, they should know that I'll pay for the casting of one of your pieces if they could just raffle it off...sell tickets to a few hundred people for a sculpture worth thousands. I don't even want to be reimbursed. Send 100% of the money to Lina's doctors.

-- Jeff
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