From a 15 year old at Zinda... a smart one!

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Posted by Jeff from LTU-207-73-69-86.LTU.EDU ( on Thursday, May 30, 2002 at 8:36AM :


These futile Assyrian Conventions are nothing but inane and preposterous cabarets created by the Federation that congregates moths around a scorching lampshade. These conventions teach us only to go outrageously undomesticated and to react in a disorderly manner with no ignominy. We act like untamed wild beasts. The Federation that has been created for over 50 years, has only caused disgrace and damage to the Assyrian nation. The dancing and shaking that was taught and still lives on, is the last thing we need to do because we lost the most precious thing of all, our homeland. Dancing and partying are for people who are proud of something they have accomplished. What are we proud of? We lost everything and now we are dancing and shaking to the beat of the losers' drum.

These conventions have not only created pandemonium in the Assyrian nation, in particularly the youth, but also, have left smelly manure in the minds of the hotel owners and managers. These conventions are the greatest environments for our youth to drink, instigate mayhem, and to do illicit drugs. Was this the raison d'Ítre of the Federation?! No! Their whole rationale and foundation was to have a social gathering of the Assyrian nation in order to discuss imperative issues such as: educational programs, historical events, and social issues. Education is a potent constituent of a nation in order to be recognized in this diverse world.

Over all these years, the conventions have been a fruitless vine. Now all this money that was hoarded in all these years has not helped cultivate our new generation and their vital necessities. With all the money that was kept, the right thing you should have done was to build a school, a youth center to gather in, and to give incentives to the youth by bestowing them scholarships, especially those with high academic records, who can't even afford thinking about college. But did you do it?! NO! What happened to all of that money? Did it just float away in the Pacific Ocean? Or was it the Caspian Sea? What kind of legacy have you left to the jewel of the nation, the youth? Now, you must have some courage to post an instantaneous rejoinder explaining the basis of the Federation, the accomplishments over all the years, where the money has gone, and why was it wasted to debase the Assyrian nation.

I sincerely believe, that time has come to terminate these nonsensical conventions, which demeans us greatly. Although it may be a little late for that, it's better late than never. Coming from a 15-year-old, it is very distressing to know that I pinpointed all these blunders. Now shouldn't you go ahead and think twice about the conventions? Or would you like to keep purging the minds of the youth into a numb state for your own pleasure? If you like purging, let me just say that you can't sluice the new generation's minds because we are so astute that we would never fall for your gimmicks.

Ashuriena Baba

-- Jeff
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