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Posted by panch from ? ( on Thursday, May 30, 2002 at 1:38PM :

Certain individuals are posting non-Assyrian related "news" on this forum, and are ostensibly pushing their agenda. This is not a forum to debate U.S. policy or Israeli aggression or Palestinian terrorism. This forum is for dialog on Assyrian issues. If you don't lie Bush/Sharon/Arafat or any other, then that is your preference, but it has nothing to do with this forum.

Also, there are non-Assyrians masquerading as champions of the Assyrian cause. This will not work, and your real motives are transparent. You cannot use this forum to sow debate and dissention within the Assyrian community. So please give it up.

=====Aparently Assyrians live in a bubble. Nothing impacts them but what aina allows as Assyrian.

The rejoinder to this brilliant statement is that Assyrians HAVE to be Christian, therefore what happens in the Muslim world impacts all of them.

These guys are Christians perdiod! The very idea that you have to be Christian in order to be Assyrian is absurd. Iīd say that being Christian means you renounced the very essence of being Assyrian in the first place and these attempts to make of yourself an Assyrian as well come about because in the West we cut an even poorer picture as Christians than we did as Assyrians back when we switched religions so our infamy could live "forever".

Iīm willing to allow Christians to say they are Assyrians if they strongly feel the urge to give themselves some added luster. But they usually mean that they renounced the great achievements of Assyria for the "benefits" of Christianity...and are almost ashamed they were ever anything BUT Christians.

As Walter once said to me when I said we betrayed our own essential nature when we turned Christian....he said, " Do you mean we should believe in Ishtar and Ashur?" It was the way he said it, his tone of if that would be the most ridiculous thing in the world...that a Virgin birth and doves and loaves and fishes makes PERFECT sense. I rest my case....he thinks it would be ridiculous for Assyrians to remain true to their own way, that it was a vast improvement when we picked up on a Jew carpenter whose words of "wisdom" were written down for us, and him, by another passle of Jews, using and rearranging our own great myths and legends, reselling to us our own damaged goods.

How can anyone refuse to see that this damaged us in the long run? Who was more roundly hated for the last 2000 years than the Jews? Who has been "loved" for turning Christian more than we Assyrian turncoats. yet who has a country...and who is begging at every Christian nationīs door?

You canīt turn against the best part of you and expect to escape whole...and look at us...are we in any way or in any place "whole"?

Was Yahweh, that bloodsucking madman of the Old Testicles any better as a god than Ashur? Did the Jews not refine and civilize their god over time? Was ours not far more civilized to begin with? It was Ashurīs failure to accept our own failure, to promise us pie in the sky when we die after making a mess of ourselves here on earth that attracted us to Jesus in the first place.

Ashur had greater expectations of us than that. Yes indeed...why NOT believe in the things that gave us the energy and drive to help build Western Civilization...instead of adopting the things that make us blissfuly content to live by sufference in the servants quarters..."protesting" and "demanding" if Pride can be handed out with vouchers at a welfare office somewhere.

-- panch
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