Meshugge?- Hallucinatio Punchonica Xenophobica

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Posted by andreas from ( on Thursday, May 30, 2002 at 1:52PM :

In Reply to: About Andreas posted by panch from ? ( on Thursday, May 30, 2002 at 1:03PM :

Meshugge? - Hallucinatio Punchonica Xenophobica

or better:

Aggravated Hallucinatio Punchonica Sociopathica?

A concentrate of projections ....

What about evidence, proof and substiantiating - once in a while?

: Just remember...he is a born again Jew for Jesus, Christian Kraut Nazi. With a pedigree like that who wouldnīt need constant retuning.

: He isnīt here to help any Assyrian cause. To him we are a lost tribe and his interest is in keeping us enthralled to his reportage...especially if he senses we are about to try to do something ourselves for ourselves...thatīs when youīll see him at his truest, and youīll see the insults and the disdain he really feels for us let loose.

: He patronizes you, he doesnīt seek your betterment or enlightenment or any of it...thatīs why the Gassbag likes him so much. But you guys need the practice.

: When we show pride in ourselves AS Assyrians first, and not as Christians...Andreas and others feel personally challenged. Being lousy Christians, as all of these devout nuts are, he DEMANDS reaffirmation by forcibly convincing others...and what he wants to convince us of is that without Christianity, we are nothing but the savage leftovers of the savages that gave the world much of what it has, but which we are to attribute to the Jews first, then to Jesus, also a Jew.

: I know who I am...I will never have to convert anyone to feel secure in myself...I also donīt need retuning for that reason.

: Andreas has no identity of his own...everything depends on his ability to "sell". Our willingness to "buy" keeps him Andreas...without that, he has nothing. Very much like the salesman who can never stop selling...who only defines himself as a salesman.

: His orginal thoughts are paltry in the extreme, usually tending to something like "only in Jesus, or Frank, can you be justified in existing so buy bonds", or something. He roams the world to find articles he uses to overwhelm us a mad art teacher who would show a bright and promising ten year old paintings by Leonardo and Titian and them other boys...saying that this is what the kid should do or forget about it. He is not a teacher at all...he seeks to stun you into aquiescence...make you think there{s no point in you thinking, since it{s all been done for you already, and much better too.

: He has real value to me at least in providing us with a good example of a bad thing. And of course...just for fun and after a while...I get him re-committed. We couldnīt BUY or hire a guy like Andreas...he comes free of charge.

-- andreas
-- signature .

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