The FBI Improves

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Thursday, May 30, 2002 at 2:48PM :

FBI Director admits there were mistakes made. Thatīs code for here go more of our civil liberties.

How does the Religious Right maintain its stranglehold? They invented "Cultural Humanism" as another movement, a sort of quasi-religious effort by Liberals to keep teaching the world is round. They recently tried to re-introduce Creationism in the schools under the guise of the "Watch in the Forest" bullshit. They used abortion rights as a way to attack they now want to "bolster the family" by forcing women to marry in order to receive "benefits" les of them will qualify.

They are a political party using religion as a smoke screen. The good news is that they are making a mockery of a farce and helping undermine their political agenda by this stupid way of disguising it as doing "Godīs Shitty Work".

Nothing could have pleased Lyndon Johnson more than an attack by a Vietnamese gunboat against an American destroyer, thereby giving the US itīs excuse to start a war they knew they couldnīt lose, and never wanted to "win", becase winning it would have put an end to gun sales. I know, I know...for all you corn fed religious types who believe in the sanctity of men in uniforms and vestments itīs almost impossible to imagine anyone acting in this must not be looking at the streets in the cities you live in to see what Americans do with the Americans they canīt profit off of.

Well, the Vietnamese proved to be unwilling, so Johnson said they attacked anyway and he got 55,000 Americans killed for nothing more sacred than profits...which are the same things you can be disposed of over at the drop of a percentage point.

The Red Scare would be difficult to duplicate given a bit more sophistication on our part and the utter failure of the Soviets to provide enough butter for their people, so a more credible threat had to be manufactured...enter Israel and our new found "love" of the same Jews we wouldnīt lift a finger to help when they were being cooked a few years ago.

After dilligently harrassing and brutalizing people in the MidEast, in all the time honored ways learned in propping up and supplying petty tyrants in Latin America, the United States finally got its pay off...some Muslims "tragically" wasted 3000 Americans, a long way shy of 55,000, and in a few months the common citizen was GLAD to break himself and family financially, just as "happy" to have his security increased by removing Consitutional "obstacles"...George Bush, an idiot in anyoneīs book, manages to not only steal an election but get voted the best president next to Lincoln...the Republicans and their Religious Right wing fanatics and all the profiteers from hell and back, feel pretty sure theyīve found the right combination to stay in power and gut the environmental and consumer and health care rights and protections that have so cut into corporate profits...I mean more and greater and better profits...they werenīt hurting before.

Bush and everyone concerned knew damn well something was coming...theyīd been working on it dilligently for years, and the LAST thing they were about to do was stop it. Of course it would have been "difficult" was SUPPOSED to be difficult so they could say it couldnīt have been done.

Now they can "warn" us to their heartīs content...keep us believing we are in a War, that we MUST be in a War and that it will take a LONG TIME...and they can keep us scared and cowed and unwilling to appear to be traitors by asking any questions, or refusing to get scared...and say they are only trying to take care of us..."after all, look what happened the LAST time we didnīt warn you all???"

Now they have every reason to tighten up security by giving the poor FBI and CIA more power and tools to protect us with...and in doing that they will just incidentally take away even more of our civil liberties and weīll thank them all the more...and it will be that much harder to protect the health and lives and prospects of Americans and their families because the government is saving us from a GLOBAL THREAT AIMED AGAINST US FOR OUR ENVIABLE LIFESTYLE, instead and spare the coin for a hospital or school...and the nation will once again have to borrow in order to protect itself and YOU and guess who gets the profit on those loans???

Hell...there was no need for that revolution and all that bloodshed back in 1776. Why didnīt we just settle for a monarchy back then and avoid all the fuss.

-- panch
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