Peter Meets Peter and Canīt Stand Him Either

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, May 31, 2002 at 12:02PM :

>>Sorry Peter, I said that no name discussion, and I mean that.
>>If you want to discuss the name issue, please do it on AINA
>>Hanna Hajjar

======Ainīt revenge sweet? Here we are about to see Peter BetWhatever hoisted on his own petard.

>First, it was not my article, it was by Talbourt, in the Catholic Encyclopedia. Second, it discussed the factual origin of the Chaldean denomination. What name issue is involved?
>I find your actions very disturbing.

====You DO???? Seems crystal clear to me...there are things not to be in peopleīs names, and any changes they may have made to them...ahem. Now why canīt you just obey your own rules?

What else are we not allowed to discuss?

====How about the possibility of there being any Muslim Assyrians? As I recall a guy named Peter Betboohoo said he would NOT allow the topic to be discussed at a place called aina, or something...and he deleted all posts pertaining thereto.

Are we allowed to discuss the Aramean problem in the time of our Empire, around 1100 B.C.? Is this off limits?

===It might be...after all rules can be made and unmade...canīt they big fella????

>You are on a slippery slope. You cannot defend your position if you take it to its logical conclusion,

====Taken to your logical conclusion you would have slipped away long ago.

and you should not have to. You are only putting yourself in this predicament.

===Having placed yourself there as well...and earlier, Iīd say you know whereof you speak.

>I respect all members of our community, but I think if this is an Assyrian forum, then we have the right to discuss and educate the silent ASsyrian readers of this forum.

=====funny...that was just our position when we thought weīd explore the possibility of their being any Assyrians who MIGHT HAVE turned so many turned Christian, and what that could what was the big deal you had to go and remove serious questions from serious people...oh slippery slope headed one?

>I shall say no more. My position I think is crystal clear.

===Like mud, you cover the ground. know none of you can handle a free ranging discussion...thatīs why there is deleting and banning all over Assyria...just like at the Drag Queen of Chaldeaīs boudoir.

-- panch
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