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Posted by panch from host-148-244-221-27.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Saturday, June 01, 2002 at 1:16PM :

Those of you who think I am pre-occupied by anyone in our community are nuts. I am obsessed with getting us out of our own way...of showing us that nothing stops us here but the petty infighting and tribalism we indulge in when it is completely unnecessary and counter-productive...that these "enemies" are of our own imagination...these "spies" damn hard pressed to get anything of value from us...or get any value for it from "anyone" out to destroy us.

Peter, Hanna, George, Gassbag etc, are only valuable for what they show us about our major stumbling block. In and of themselves they are harmless and not worth the trouble. Their opinions about Assyria...education...journalism...manners...Art...politics and all the things they feel comfortable indulging in where they set the rules to suit themselvces, to show themselves to best advantage...where they even define English words according to their personal needs... count for nothing anywhere else they would care to take themselves, if they dared.

I try in every way to engage them and they run. They also refuse to come here because they canīt control the debate, though I wouldnīt delete or ban anything they wrote...just try to argue the case on its merits...which is another thing they canīt do...not even in an Assyrian forum where we have far more civilized people than myself...if that is their real concern.

This goes for John and Jackie and Atour and Wilfred and Aprim and a whole cast of pygmies and dwarfs who sense that things are about to get away from them.

These people are examples, thatīs all...something you paste up on the blackboard to discuss and use to show others. Itīs those "others"...myslef and my children included, that I "obsess" about.

-- panch
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