Aprim is "Disappointed"

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Posted by panch from host-148-244-221-27.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Saturday, June 01, 2002 at 1:37PM :

>You are putting a big question mark around yourself when you delete scholarly material.

===There is a bigger question mark around you in the way you selectively "lift" material from sources and put it to work to sustain your own prejudices. I overheard you say that Dr Jakob Antilla was a very "weak lecturer"...right there while he was speaking. Others heard it as well and we hung our heads in shame. How dare you make such a comment when the man is speaking...when he is a guest of both Harvard and the University of California at Berkeley...a man who by his early thirties has authored over 25 real and serious books on the subject and several articles in professional journals...heads several committees, teaches at a university...who is right now reading and translating a Medieval Arabic text and who travels the world lecturing at Universities you couldnīt attend?

There was no attack on anybody in my original post. My post was pure references on where the name Chaldean really came from.

====It was not. These are your attempts to carve a niche for yourself as a "scholar" on the subject. And you are no scholar at all.

Are you against EDUCATION? How would we teach our Assyrian people real history in order to face the challanges of the future?

====What challenge? What challene do you face and how interested in education are you when you blurt out such a statement for all to hear when a true scientist and scholar is speaking? And have you yet figured out that they are simply too polite, and working at some disadvantage...which you take FULL advantage of, in not wishing to be unkind to such an ignorant fellow as they KNOW you are...especially when their hosts happen to be Assyrians, and they wish to be kind to a dumb brute such as yourself?

>I am very disappointed.

===Then you know how the rest of us feel every time you come back.
>Fred Aprim
>>The posts related to name issue discussions were deleated.
>>If you are obsessesed by a name (any name), then this forum is not for you, go somewhere else where they have nothing else to discuss.
>>We beleirve that discussing the name issue on the forum is a waste of time, if you want to waste your own time that is not our concern, do it somewhere else and don't involve us, because unlike you we value our time.
>>Hanna Hajjar

-- panch
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