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Posted by panch from host-148-244-221-27.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Saturday, June 01, 2002 at 1:55PM :

Just remember, in all the hand wringing about things falling through the cracks and "mistakes made"...that there was no mistake at all. Certain forces in the US business community, which is all government is, have been working long and hard to create a new MENACE...because there is great profit in it...in more ways than just filthy lucre.

In a world where we are supposed to be afraid of a North Korea and an Iraq...there has to come into being some real and credible threat...and none of those countries, or Libya and Syria and Iran were going to do anything about making themselves the targets of American Military Might...they arenīt crazy.

With the Soviet threat gone...and the dreaded prospect of peace on earth...American businessmen woke up to the threat of life without an enemy...without the easy money for weapons and doodles...and of course the "unity" that facing a common "foe" brings. The chance to call those you donīt like anyway, "Traitors", because we are at "War" and it is going to last for a LONG TIME.

Weīve been here before...letīs not stay here for long this time. As awful as it might seem to have to accept the fact that our own government would consider three thousand Americans dead and such a major disruption to our nation, its economy and people, as a price well worth paying because it would "bring us together"...and incidentally make a lot of them even richer... as awful as it might be to contemplate that, just remember that we know now for a fact that another president, Lyndon Johnson, lied to the American people and got us into a war where not three thousand, but 55,000 young Americans got killed and a whole lot of people got very rich indeed.

It wasnīt a fluke at all. Of course they werenīt going to warn anyone...why ruin it just at the pay off? And of COURSE now they are going to issue "warnings" every other day because now YOU are demanding it...DEMANDING to be scared out of your wits on a daily basis which only makes their task that much easier. You think people go into politics for fun? And there has indeed been a windfall payoff of epic proportions...

For one thing...no one questions the election any more, it was coup...trillions of dollars are gone in a flash with the promise to borrow all that traffic will bear...someone GETS this money....Bush has been elevated to near saint status and even Guiliani came off a lot better than he would have otherwise.

To top it all off, they are going to convince you the police "failed" and we need even MORE police powers...which in the end will make it that much harder to bring these guys to heel and to justice.

It was NOT a failure...it was a great SUCCESS!!!

-- panch
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