Bless his heart for telling Ghassan off.

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Posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, June 02, 2002 at 7:32PM :

Bless his heart for telling Ghassan off.


Cleaning Up the dirt of Assyrianism Followers

[ Chaldeans Discussion Forum ]

Written by Webmaster on 31 May 2002 03:01:35:

I have just deleted MOST of the messages written by a few ill-mannered Assyrianism followers who are here to show disrespect for the Chaldeans.

This Forum would NEVER be a place for such sick individuals. It seems the only language that those ill-mannered extremists understand is to be insulted, since they don't seem to understand that they're supposed to show respect to other people, so as to be respected in return.

The simple fact that this CHALDEAN Forum exists is by itself the biggest proof to the bankrupcy of Assyrianism and its hatred towards the Chaldeans.

I shall continue deleting those messages as they're printed.

Any visitor to this Chaldean Forum who show disrespect for the Chaldeans would have his post deleted and himself/herself banned. This has been stated before and for many times. It was stated to be applied, and applied it just did.

Make it a happy day for all, except...



Re: Cleaning Up the dirt of Assyrianism Followers

[ Chaldeans Discussion Forum ]

Written by Cevin on 31 May 2002 03:17:52:

As an answer to: Cleaning Up the dirt of Assyrianism Followers written by Webmaster on 31 May 2002 03:01:35:

Dear Webmaster

I am not insulting Chaldeans at all, as a matter fact, I grew up among my mother side that is from Alkush almost my entire life and I really do enjoy the Chaldean community today.

All I did was come here and have an educational talk just like everyone here, stuff like where did the Chaldeans come from? wiether we are Chaldeans or Babylonians? these questions are not insulting Chaldeans at all, they are educational questions that will help everyone understand some stuff about Chaldeans and Babylonians.

And again, I am not here to ask these questions because I'm involved with some Assyrian groups or anything, I'm nutral and I think we are all the same people so I don't see why I am reffered to as an Assyriansim act on this fourm.

You should be more then glad to answer my questions because they are not stupid, they are very good historical questions and some people agree with me on this site, because if you're going to soppurt the Chaldean name, that means you should be ready for any kind of questions about your name and where it comes from.

Again, I hope we can have a good educational talk and an intresting thing to talk about, thank you.


Re: Cleaning Up the dirt of Assyrianism Followers

[ Chaldeans Discussion Forum ]

Written by Webmaster on 02 Jun 2002 17:43:28:

As an answer to: Re: Cleaning Up the dirt of Assyrianism Followers written by Cevin on 31 May 2002 03:17:52:


Don't be too smart for your own good.

You know very well that what you're involved in got nothing to do with "educational", otherwise, you would have simply read the words defining "Chaldeanism" that are posted on the front of this Forum to get your silly questions answered.

I say "silly" because you knew the answers to your questions and once again don't be too smart for me or others and claim "innocence" and "love for education". The questions you're coming out with have been discussed at least 10,000 times since the creation of this Forum two years ago when your fellow Assyrianism followers come here, and like you claimed "innocence" and "love for education". Two lies that make most of the Chaldean visitors to this Forum throw up.

Assyrianism ideology to which you definitely subscribe is well known for its lies, distortions, and the re-writing the history of our people to promote "only" the Assyrian side of our ancestors. Saying that, now if you believe in it, then it's your right and your choice. My only objection is your coming up here and attempting to create anger and disturbance for the Chaldean regulars on this Forum who are very familiar with the agenda of your likes. Hence, you're here by warned if you continue posting your agenda with the intention of creating anger and provocations for the Chaldeans of this Forum, I shall resort to banning you as well as deleting all messages coming from your end regardless of what new IP address you might sign from.

If you weren't aware, now you're. If you were at one time innocent, now you know.



Re: Cleaning Up the dirt of Assyrianism Followers

[ Chaldeans Discussion Forum ]

Written by Cevin on 02 Jun 2002 20:19:04:

As an answer to: Re: Cleaning Up the dirt of Assyrianism Followers written by Webmaster on 02 Jun 2002 17:43:28:


OK, I was very mature with you and I did not swear or diss on any Chaldean and what do you do? You sit there diss and insulte, I'm sorry to tell you this but you are nothing but a low life.

What happened to respect? What happened to mature? You are a bad example to represent Chaldeans my friend, you send nothing but negetive vibes to the opesite party and your heart is full of hate, might I add your brain is not all there either, you don't even know weither you're Chaldean or Babylonian, as a matter fact I don't even think you know the difference between them.

Funny how you reprsent the name Chaldean without knowing where it comes from, I suggest you go search and read books about Chaldeans before you decide building a whole webside about them.

And stop telling me that I'm spreading Assyriansim here, I am not spreading anything, but the reason you're saying that because of the hate you have for the Assyrian people, and again I keep saying in my posts that we are all the same people but again you still insult and bash.

I have another suggestion for you my friend, instead of threating to ban everyone that talks about these subjects, why don't you get some education about our ancient history so you can proof everyone wrong, after all, you are the Webmaster of this site that means you have to have some good education about your own people or else again, there's no point of this site.

And finally, you want to ban my ip? Please go ahead, like I give a damn about your fourm, I came here and heard some good people talk and agree with my opinions and my questions and I thank them for their respect, but I never thought the Webmaster would turn out to be a scum, snob and lowlife, but I guess you are those things so what can I say, you are a bad leader my friend, you're setting a bad example for your community, go learn some manners, learn some respect, learn how to answer questions, all you know how to do is attack and bash, why don't you learn other things instead? If you stay this way, noone will take you seriously exept for airheads like you which are hard to fine in this world, even the people on this site think you're stupid.

I'm not going to waste my time with someone that's dumb and does't listen to others while they are talking so I'm just going to say to you go ahead and ban my ip, I would rather spend my time watching a boaring sport like Golf then talking to dorks like you, good day.


-- Jeff
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