Poor Alexander, another Fred's victim

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Posted by Joe from 08-117.024.popsite.net ( on Tuesday, June 04, 2002 at 0:15AM :

Now you see...


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Written by D(Alexander) on 04 Jun 2002 05:29:36:

As an answer to: Beginning To See written by panch on 03 Jun 2002 18:56:23:

Well Pancho, now I want to hit you across the head real hard with a frying pan! Of course!
You couldnt have said it better. All this time I have been thinking you were the typical fool who believes he is in a great country called america and is against the evil rest of the world. Why didnt we see things like this earlier?

Take this, that what I say is coming from a non-Assyrian, and that I speak for all people, not just the Assyrian community:
You have spoken the truth, that Assyrians here are living in a sort of fantasy world(Did you read my post here earlier where I stated that everytime I come back to US I feel like I am entering a plastic(unreal) world?). They have not fought on a battlefield nor have served to protect the homeland, yet claim it as if they were the only ones ever there. I have spoken of how to form an Assyria on AINA, and I still agree with that, but now it is a different situation, and although the past must always be a part of us, one must deal with the present in expectance of the future. Iraq is not an evil country of arabs, but one of many races, and Assyrians should consider themselves Assyrians, but should also defend Iraq people. They have this idea that Christianity is theri religion as if though Ashurism never existed. I do not know why. I am not Christian nor Muslim, nor Jew for that matter. SO I wont be brought into those discussions, but I want to say that all this time weve been arguing weve really agreed on one basic principil. We both obviously have experienced life through the first hand since we know more of the real picture, rather than a falsified image filtered through Western lenses. Assyrian roots have been severed, and what's theirs is their severed end of the roots. They could have saved me alot of anguish and time typing on the internet, if I had realized earlier that these were kids with no real concept of life, they try to fight with words on the internet what is fought with bodies/lives on the battlefield. That is why I stated on AINA my idea for the establishment of Assyria and here earlier, though people think Im saying to fight everyone, waht I am saying is to fight for your country and homeland, along with every one else there who wants to live protecting their land, its theirs too, not just Assyria. Die for your land before typing on the itnernet and saying this and that without doing anything. That is what I meant. I do not understand why you must be so sarcastic and childish in your posts, if we could just not bite each other and stick together, it doesnt take jsut Assyrians to win, but others can also participate for the betterment of mankind. People should not limit themselves to Assyrians only, Christians, only. I heard say before, "Only Assyrian can be a president of Assyria," but what if he is not a good president as another person who might do more and better for Assyria but might not be Assyrian? I never dealt with Assyrian Americans, because I found them to be taken from reality, and only dealt with people(Asyrian or not) in Armenia, Iran, Syria, IRaq, Turkey, etc. I started watching some Assyrian Forums and finally decided to post every once in a while. But I see that most are just typing for "kicks" and their political views are unrealistic and to "nationalistic". One thing is dying for your country when it is invaded, another is dying for a "name". Think about, a name shouold not be taken fanatically. Fanaticism leads to irresponsible judgements, and I Have seen great nations fall and rise thorugh history who have made great judgemetns,none based oon Fanaticism. I think from now on Fred, you and I should stop being antagonists to each other, since I think you intentionally annoy people- dont do it with me, Im serious about what I say, and althouogh I dont take real offense, I think we are the only two people currently typing, who have a real world view. Please, be friend and do not harry me anymore, I have constantly been trying to give a perspective of the real world with many kickbacks on the forum from Republican Assyrians who voted for Bush and others, to say the least. There is no justification for such actions. Lets not ever get into a dissagreement agains, because I think if we work as friends we will feel better, that at least we have the view of the world. I know you have a lot of grudge against people, and you are in Mexico or were, etc. but I am not like the other two-legged jackasses you mentioned in an earlier post. Keep up the good posts, but do try to tone down your sarcasm etc, because it doesnt accomplish anything and lets people to believe you are immature. May peace prevail and all peace loving people be aware of the truth there is in the world, just outside the USA.
And noone bother to respond to this post, as I dont bother to read it unless it is real world view and not just some "oh you anti bush biased blah blah blah..." Thank you

-- Joe
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