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Posted by Jeff from ( on Wednesday, June 05, 2002 at 9:20AM :

In Reply to: Re: A smart, reasonable person named Cevin posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, May 31, 2002 at 11:44AM :


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Written by Cevin on 05 Jun 2002 10:41:07:

As an answer to: Re: Another attack on Chaldean People and Name. written by Bassam on 05 Jun 2002 01:45:13:


you said...( I was not talking about any issue that relate to other people my point was clear I'm against the so called "assyrians" whom are trying to convert everything to assyrian which is really disgusting me?.)

Why are you exactly against Assyrians? and what makes you think you're pure Chaldean?

If we look at it, we're all from that area where there was Assyria, Babylon, Persia and so on, my point is none of us know weither we're pure or not, your ancestors could be from Palstine but back in the days they came from there and stayed where Assyrians or Babylonians lived, who knowes?

My big point is, you call yourself Chaldean? thats fine, I call myself Assyrian/Chaldean, it's fine, there are others who call themselves Siryanis or Suryoyo and again it's fine but we must all be one and be united because today we're all the same, back in the Ancient times we were different and we lived in different empires and fought against one another but today we should be together, because we share lots of things, we share the same language, we share the same religion but different churches, we share almost the same tridetions, why not be one, we are very special people because we spoke Jesus's language, that's somthing really special.

The name should't be a big issue here because we are the same people, tell me one thing, would you rather have your kids get married to Arabs, Blacks, Whites or mix with Assyrians?

Whocares what the name is, if it does matter that much then I would say Chaldeans should't call themselves Babylonians because they are both different, Chaldeans are orignally Arabs, they came from the south where Arabs lived and they were 5 Arab powerful tribes (Bit-Yakin which was the most important tribe of all, Bit-Dakkuri, Bit-Amukkani, Bit-Shahalli, and Bit-Shilani.), they came to Babylon and stayed there and lived among Babylonians, then they took power in Babylon and helped fight Assyria, and that's why they called them Babylonians (The Chaldean Dynasty) because the empire was Babylon and the people who helped Babylon rise to power was those Chaldean tribes.

So if the name means so much I would tell you not to use the Babylonian name and stick to the Chaldean name that is orignally from the Arab tribes from the south.

To you, name does matter, to me, we're all one and we should all be together, let's not be against eatchother, the name does't have to be solved and if it does, I'm sure we can all agree on somthing that everyone can be happy about.

I hope you find peace in your heart.


-- Jeff
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