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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Thursday, June 06, 2002 at 10:17AM :

: ===Not ALL darkies need things repeated three times that were silly enough once.

xxx I NEVER called you a "darkie" - you call yourself that. Besides, I probably have the same "dark" skin color as you. It's not silly - you are teaching, by example, the young people on this forum that "white" people intrinsically hate or hurt anyone who's "non-white." That's what irritates me (besides the occasional irritation I feel about your perverse & annoying jokes about my privates or supposed sex life). You don't tell people when you are joking, so it concerns me when I read posts in which some younger soul starts cursing "white" people or lamenting the fate of "non-whites." Maybe you aren't teaching them to say these things, but you could be reinforcing statements & erroneous ideas that they remember hearing from other people.

Of course racism exists - but it exists on all sides in completely ignorant or naive people, an extreme example being people who classify themselves as neo-Nazis. BUT teaching other people to make generalized racist statements that aren't true does NOT make the situation any better. For example, my boyfriend is ethnically Scottish, British, & Prussian - & he completely empathizes with the suffering Palestinians & Iraqis. & look at my mother (who is Finnish) or Andreas (who is German) or anyone who is "white" that is a friend of me or my family - most of them do not agree with the corrupt foreign policies of the US government.

You defend Muslims (which I think is good), but you commonly express anger at "whites." Isn't that just a bit hypocritical? To say that you don't like that so many Assyrians assimilate into American culture is one thing (which I agree with), but to say that "whites" are horrible people is another. I don't think that this outright condemnation of "whites" is healthy or even legitimate. Of course, this was appropriate in apartheid South Africa, or any other state that uses race to justify hate & condescension, but "Western" nations are not like this any more, or not anymore than other existing nations.

-- Lilly
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