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Posted by Cevin from HSE-London-ppp207085.sympatico.ca ( on Thursday, June 06, 2002 at 6:09PM :

Hello all,

First I would like to thank you guys for inviting me to your fourm, thank you Stella for giving me the URL and again sorry if I took so long to email you back.

This is a good site and I see you guys like to study and search about our ancient history and thats a gerat thing to do, because before we go out and say anything we have to at least know what we're talking about, unlike some others like (Ghassan, Bassam and ect) who don't know what history is and all they do is sit there, diss and bash you, and if you ever decide to ask a good question that rattles them and confuses them, they ban you because they can't answer your questions or more like they don't know what the answers are to those questions.

Anyways, I don't really care much about people like that because guys like that will never help our people unite and be one, thats the way I think and I'm pertty sure many of you on this site think the same thing, we're all one and we should't go against eatchother, we speak the same language, share the same treditions, eat the same food, I don't think the name really does matter to us, most important is to be united and work as one.

Well, maybe the new generation of our prople in these countries can have different minds and decide to work together, let's hope for that to happen, in the mean time we can sit here and talk about intresting stuff, and the same time w'll try to educate prople and make them understand that we're all one.


-- Cevin
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