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Posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, June 07, 2002 at 4:10PM :

In Reply to: Re: YYargh. posted by julia from ( on Friday, June 07, 2002 at 2:13PM :

: ===> Your implication seems to be, it will always exist therefore the best thing we can do is manage it.

*** Damn you Julia, you are so unrealistic.


: I think otherwise. I think that the best way to handle this problem is to study the population of women who prostitute - and then find out what goverment can do to help them. maybe healthcare for all and income supplements or job training will help these them first by giving them the means for long term success in the world, and helpthem by saving their dignity.

***** Julia,
Ideally, that might work, but we don't live in a perfect society. My arguments are based on reality. Sure, it's "logical" to do these things that you propose, but it's also "logical" to eliminate all of the deadly weapons that exist on this earth. You don't see people and governments doing that, do you?

This is the same sort of argument that I remember when we debated about the Sanctions. It will get us nowhere. Maybe we should figure out the best way to handle all of the negative situations that exist in the world.

: : : If I were to handle this situation, I would first see what kind of women wanted to participate in the prostitution economy. Were they educated , middle class women with human capital and job histories that indicate ability to move vertically and horizontally in the economy? Or were they low income women coming from abused families, with problems of drug abuse, and held jobs that offered wages that don't support a family? This to me is what is the important assessment. Then, I would ask what can I do to provide these women the resources they need to improve their material existence? Cash income supplements, health insurance, in kind transfers and childcare subsidies are all options to consider.

: ====> A moral,and a logical standpoint, and a common sense standpoint.

====> I highly doubt that women who are in the position of some wealth and who are educated choose to prostitute. I believe that the majorityof women who prostitute do so bcause of a lack of options to succeed in the real world. DOn't be ignorant, man. Do you think it's the oldest profession because women 'like sex'? Or because these women have few alternatives to live successful lives? What about your concept of dignity? who wants their body for an economic transaction? I would argue that very few women would ELECT to prostitute themselves if they could have otherthings, such as an education and networking to better jobs and a better lifestyle.

**** The only reason that I said that was because I was trying to sound as ridiculous as you do... not logical, not "common-sensical". Logic and common sense will tell you that while your ideas look good on paper, they will never, and I repeat, NEVER be implemented.

**** The original post was intended to show people how a certain aspect of life is in another part of the world. You are SO argumentative. Think outside of these restrictions that you have placed on yourself.

: 'Keep in mind that I'm not excusing the practice.' Why don't you excuse the practice? I mean, if your mother or sister became a prostitute, would that bother you - what if they just liked it?

**** Why don't I excuse the practice? Did I ever imply that I liked prostitution? Did I ever imply that I think it's a noble profession? You seem to think that I have. Simmer down.

: There are plenty of people in the world who have sex - and plenty of women who like it. But you don't see educated women making sex their vocation - you see the poorer ones, the ones lacking an education or perhaps had problems with sex abuse growing up, or with drugs- making it their job.

**** I agree with that... somewhat.

: I don't try hard to disagree with you, but i think in this case you were pretty flippant about something you didn't think about thorougly.

****** Julia,
I have a plan to make the world perfect. I am going to sit at home and figure out how to end all poverty, war, rape, injustice, you name it.

Or, maybe, instead of sitting at home and reading books and scheming, I'll go to a university and have professors tell me how to make this plan for me, however unrealistic it may seem. That?s you.

Don't lecture me about thinking about a topic thoroughly enough. You may be just regurgitating something that you read in a book written about public policy or social psychology, or maybe your ideas are unique... in any case they are wholly unrealistic. That's all I can say to that... and enjoy these flippant words while you can.

-- Jeff
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