Peter Gets Eloquent And Faints

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Posted by Mo Better panch from ? ( on Friday, June 07, 2002 at 6:03PM :

><i>1. If your goal is to promote the Syriac language you have to back up Rich and all those who support him.
>>2. If you want to promote the Arabic language you have to back up those who are against Rich.</i>

+++How about backing you up into Rich?

>You have two options:
>1. Shoot yourself in the head
>2. Shoot yourself in the chest

+++I've seen your head...even at close range it would be possible to miss. Your chest presents a better target...I say shoot yourself there...or let me do it.

>Your ban is impossible to enforce because the root cause of all of this mess is this false identity construction.

+++His ban is as simple to enforce as yours was...I mean the one against Doc and Sam D and Tiglath for what they wanted to discuss...also a sort of a "name" issue. Of course your ban on me personally is the easiest to impose...and you and the Gassbag have the distinction of both being about as "open" to the kinds of discussions you advocate on other forums, as you are adamant about banning on your own.

+++(By the way, it isn't necessary for you to respond, and any notion that you are responding by maintaing silence you can blow off as well...there isn't an intelligible thing you could say to me...that's why you have the good sense to know who not to bother with...or give your poetry serve my purposes very well, thank you...hope I do the same for you.)

So I must choose between Arabs and Arameans?

+++Is that any harder than between Jassims and BetBasoos?

Well, we are not Arabs, that's for sure, but we are not Arameans either.

+++Well. you aren't a Jassim any longer and you aren't a real BetBasoo what are you?

So what kind of choice is that?

++++The same one you faced when you decided you didn't like one name and adopted another. Ever think of how pissed off the betBasoos must have been? About as delighted as the Jassims I'm sure.

>Your policy is extreme and ill-considered. You should allow a civil discourse on the topic, there is nothing wrong with that. You are encouraging a conference on this, so why not a civil discourse on the internet?

+++You yourself have "bravely" told people to get lost and get out of their countries...and you yourself have banned discourse and people you couldn't hope to maintain a dialogue with...why not stop calling the Jassim a BetBasoo?

For the life of me, I fail to see the difference.
>The current controversy regarding the liturgical language cannot ultimately be separated from the identity issue. Your stifling of this dialog is not helping, it is only delaying and causing rifts to grow larger.

+++The rift between what you really are and what you think you are has grown to such an alarming degree that you are in danger of falling into it and never being heard from again...just a thought.

-- Mo Better panch
-- signature .

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