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Posted by Mo Better panch from ? ( on Friday, June 07, 2002 at 6:19PM :

Whose country is it? Assyrians want "Arabs" out of THEIR country...meaning Iraq, which stopped being Assyria about two thousand years ago...around the time of Christ...Hmmm.

Anyway...there is no Assyria and hasn't been for a long time. We have such a primitive notion of what is OURS and who countries "belong" to, among other primitive notions we hold, that we have driven sane people away and have only dyed in the wool ignoramouses left to discuss these hoary and hairy issues.

Everybody has stolen their country...everybody. If you can steal it is "yours". If you can' can protest and cry and piss and moan all you want to...ain't nobody gonna care and in time they'll just get sick at the sight and sound of you.

If you are born in America...or are American, it is YOUR country. Try to tell them that you are Assyrian and not wouldn't do it of course because there are so many advantages to being American. You wouldn't want to lose the very things that brought you running over here in the first place.

Born here and say you are French and they will send you back to France. This country is called AMERICA...if you come here and join, you must want to be American. You can maintain whatever fiction you want...that even after three generations and more you are really NOT American but British or Assyrian...and they will look at you funny...and since you've already changed from a Jassim to a BetBasoo...from a Firas Jatou to a "Ross" obviously want the maximum benefits there are to being American.

Same with Assyrians in Iraq. If they are born there they get to be the citizens and hold the nationality and be recognized by and have the rights and obligations of, Iraqis, NOT Assyrians. People born in America are not Apaches or Mohicans just because those were once the people who owned New York or Texas. That was then, this is now...and if you are here and now, then you know what you are. Those of us born in Iraq or America have an obligation to be good citizens of Iraq or America.

Any American who moved to Iraq and became an Iraqi citizen...and who helped Saddam in his so-called war on America and Minnie Mouse, would be viewed by America as a traitor and an enemy...a little like John Lindh.

Those of you from the Mideast who are as happy as pigs in shit to BE in America...should remember that your actions here insofar as they hurt the Iraqi people...cannot be viewed favorably by the Iraqi people. That you don't care, or prefer to make their lives miserable...only speaks the worst for you...and look at yourselves.

-- Mo Better panch
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