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Posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, June 09, 2002 at 1:02AM :

In Reply to: What a strange freaking community posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, June 09, 2002 at 1:01AM :

...for me to respond to this guy, but I have to.

I can't believe that there are actually people who support such fools.

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Re: The New Assyrian

Posted by Jeff on Sunday, 9 June 2002, at 12:00 a.m., in response to Re: The New Assyrian, posted by Ashur Youluos malek on Saturday, 8 June 2002, at 11:53 p.m.

Dear Ashour, Since you haven't responded to my original post, I will paste it below, in parts:


Telling lies about Raman? How much do you know about Raman's family?

**** That sentence alone is quite telling of your condition and the general condition of our community. How much do you know about my family, and I yours?

Each of us are INDIVIDUALS. I wonder if you have already called Detroit and asked people about my family. What if they told you that my family was a bunch of criminals? Does that give you the right to judge me, or to write about them in a public, insulting way? What if everyone in my family married Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and Athiests? Does that give you the right to judge me, OR my family? What a shallow, low-class thing to do. Wouldn't you agree???

: Ask him to come clean and talk the fact. I've just talked on the phone with another close to raman's family from Chicago, and they told me that Raman and the whole family like to keep the Marriage secret from all.

**** Maybe they like to keep it quiet because of low-class individuals like yourself who clearly hate muslims. I have muslim, Jewish, and other non-Christian friends, as well as Christians. Who are you to judge others based on their religion? On their ethnicity? Shame on you! Get some class.

: The caller affirmed me that all Assyrians in Chiacgo know about his two sisters. Now read Ramans latest postings, and you will realize that he is at last admiting it.

**** Admitting WHAT??? You act as if it is a crime!!! Look at what you are saying? People like you cause wars because they hate those that are not exactly like them. Get out of the dark ages and embrace diversity.

Now if you were so close to him, wouldn't it be nicer at least to expose the relity to you. Well, at least I turned to be friendlier to you then Raman and exposed the facts and the hidden secrets.

Ashur Youluos Malek

*** What are the facts and hidden secrets? You mean the rumor-mill? I wouldn't believe one thing that you said about him. You remind me of Ghassan Hanna... who calls and finds out rumors about people, and then posts them publicly on the internet to intimidate. Just another tactic that you two learned at "Saddam U". Were you classmates?

---------- In Reply to --------------------------


...and what difference would it make if it is Jeff, or Raman. Don't you both have the same political point of view? I mean both of you believe that Assyrian name is an insult to your mental capacity and oblivion in nature. Instead, you both advocate names of church denominations loosely attached(united) to each others by a mere meaningless slashes as more appropriate. Ignoring the fact that as such is more susceptible to manipulation and coersion from our nation's enemy. So I do not expect much coming from you, because I have already seen it coming from your stooge.

**** It's very difficult for me to respond to that incoherent string of accusations and random thoughts. Going back to my original post, which asked you why it is ok for you to attack someone's family, what do you think about that? Since you switched the subject, I'll make you a deal: As soon as you respond to my original post, I'll respond to your garbage above.

Slashes is a big ugly ring on Raman's ear that will keep haunting him till his last breath. Raman can only rely on guy like you with hidden name, and queer opinionated philosopher. It seems to me that I know your body more than you do. So what is the argument about? Study the person in perspective and then come and argue with me, dude.

Ashur Youluos Malek

**** What is my hidden name? You are really creeping me out. My name is Jeff, and my e-mail address, above, is

What hidden name are you referring to, and why did you change the subject to all of these random thoughts of yours. My original post to you was written because I take issue when people like you, people in our community, resort to Saddam-like tactics by spreading rumors and talking about people's families (as if it is any of your business). Respond to that, and I'll gladly respond your wild and strange post.

-- Jeff
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