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Posted by Julia from ( on Sunday, June 09, 2002 at 10:19AM :

In Reply to: Re: Jeff posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, June 09, 2002 at 9:30AM :

: ***** And I take it very personally when you insist on arguing about a topic (for some odd reason), AND when I e-mail you, basically begging you for help in this matter (Lina), you say you are too busy.

===>> it takes two people to 'argue.' i started this by trying to give you a different perspective on such a good european idea. you responded to that. Oh, and I'm sorry, o lina's savior, for being away this summer... i can work on selling tickets after i get back from my internship. that is what i said in the email if you read it well. In addition, i don't know anyone who will contribute $100. A lot of times fundraising succeeds if you tap the people you know, not just complete strangers...and all the people i know are either too cheap or too poor to give $100. That is what i said. Or, as i suggested to Stella, canning is a good way to make money. By the way, how many tickets did you sell? If you sold a lot , please share your strategy, because i don't know where to begin.

: I don't care where you are going, there's always time to help those who need it immediately. Please "yourself".
===> You didn't say that when you responded to me in your email. I guess that was some forced politeness or something. What a nice aspect of your personality there.

-- Julia
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