Aprim Gets an "F" for Effort

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Monday, June 10, 2002 at 10:06AM :

>Dear Mr. Fred Parhad,
>There is another way to interpret your challenge and it shouldn't make any difference since the outcome of both methods is basically the same.

+++I asked first, no need to interpret anything, it's in plain good English...and can't you answer a simple challenge? Real Assyrians and Chaldeans never shy away from any challenge...but allright then....

Lets put aside for now me proving to you that I am an Assyrian, descendent of the Ancient Assyrians, since I am indeed.

+++And THIS is "national treasure" material? The very thing I asked of you, you just took for granted. Why bother with a counter challenge since you have just shown me how to avoid an issue rather than address it? You have no proof "indeed" that you are an Assyrian descended from anyone. Neither does a Chaldean...and that was the whole point of the challenge. I guess you have no such proof or facts or documents to offer...other than the same thing Chaldeans say..."since I am indeed". What's left to say, except that your little trick is exactly the very little, little trick we always said it was. Buried treasure, I'd say. You know damn well that if you had a single tiny bit of a document you'd parade it proudly around for all of us to see. You have nothing, nothing more than I do either way...to prove you are, or to prove I am not.

<b>How about if you prove to me that I am not an Assyrian and that I am not a descendent of the Ancient Assyrians!

+++If you EVER engaged in logic, you'd know that it is impossible to "prove" a negative. I am using your own "logic" on you...there IS no proof one way or the other...you have NO document that proves you are Assyrian, as I have none that proves I am Chaldean. Neither do you have any document that proves I am NOT Chaldean...as I don't have one that proves you are NOT Assyrian. They don't make those kinds of documents anywhere that I know.

+++All you and I can "prove", is that there WERE Assyrians and Chaldeans and pygmies and Hottentots and Cannibals once upon a time. The rest of it is all an act of faith. I have faith, though several doubts, that you are any kind of an Assyrian, yet I take you at your word because it would be rude and pointless to try to make you out a liar or a fool by demanding proofs that nowhere exist at all. The same goes for you...all you achieve is to anger and hurt people who unfortunately USED to take you seriously and actually felt they SHOULD prove something to you...something you still can't prove, except to say..."indeed I am". Golden Rule, baby.

</b> Because logic tell us, if you cannot prove that I am not an Assyrian, then I do not have to prove to you that I am, and what I say stands to be the fact.

+++That WOULD be your take on Logic, Oh Treasure! I can take out the word "Assyrian" from your own statement, substitute for it "Chaldean"...and your logic goes just where it belongs. Here...I'll help you...."if you cannot prove that I am not a Chaldean, then I do not have to prove to you that I am, and what I say stands to be the fact". Any questions?

+++Using your "logic"...I could say that if you cannot prove anything about me, then it Proves that whatever I say is true. You sure you want to go around, even in here, saying things like that?

I know you undertood the above simple formula since you are not a high school drop out as Ghassan Hanna claims in his e-mail to Prof. Kelley Ross.

+++I understand the simple cheap trick perfectly...that's because I didn't wait till high school...I left in the third grade.

>At the same token, I would not demand from you to prove that you are a Chaldean, a descendent of the ancient Chaldeans, but <b>I would be obligated to prove to you that you are NOT a Chaldean, and that you are NOT a descendent of the ancient Chaldeans.

+++Fred, words do not an argument make. You have indeed demanded all sorts of proof...and when I asked you to produce that ONE document you were demanding of us...you failed to do so because none of us have any documents...as you have none proving I am NOT Chaldean, or proving you are Assyrian. You have a little argument you are pleased with, but it satisfies only those who are desperate.

+++++The whole point to this, before you started trying to cloud the issue is still that you can't prove anything...not one way or the other. All you can say is that there were Assyrians and Chaldeans, and a whole lot of other people, in them hairy days. No one disputes that. The problem comes when you insist that you are descended from the Assyrians...because "indeed I know I am" (tautology)...but that no Chaldean can claim to be descended from the ancient Chaldeans because, "indeed they know they are".

+++Come on Jack...surely you can't be THAT dense.

>Lets see what you are made of. Spear us more talk, let go directly to your facts and mine.
>Fred Aprim

+++You still haven't produced a shred of a fact or an ounce of proof for anything relating to either of our claims to be descended from the ancient Assyrians and Chaldeans...not one...you still can't prove your claim to being an Assyrian...all you say is that you "know you are"...and all I'm saying is give us Chaldeans the same easy illogic you give yourself.

++++I am not spearing any words...I just speared YOU!

-- panch
-- signature .

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