Ghass Man vs. Dr. Kamber?

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Posted by From the archives from LTU-207-73-64-49.LTU.EDU ( on Monday, June 10, 2002 at 1:07PM :

*** This garbage was taken from the fake "Chaldeans Online" web site:

Finally, during the "For Free and Deomcratic Iraq" conference held in Detroit last June 1, 2002, it was very clear that representatives of Assyrian groups present, including Zowaa, were more interested in pushing for the Assyrian name only, and when I had to force the Chaldean name as a vocabulary to be used by all speakers of different Iraqi groups as well as representatives of the State Department, the chosen speaker of Zowaa, Mr. Emannuel Qamber decided to push for his "Assyrian" name in a very clear message that he was talking about a "specific" group that obviously did not represent the Chaldeans.

Actually, Dr. Qamber was presented by the co-organizers of the conference (Chaldean individuals, who are members of Iraqi Democratic Union) as "..The next speaker is Dr. Emannuel Qamber, speaking for Chaldeans and Assyrians..) as agreed with him prior to the meeting. However, and as expected he went ahead and spoke about "Assyrians, and Assyrians, and Assyrians...etc." with no reference at all to the Chaldeans that he was presented to speak on behalf of also and as he promised the organizers to do.

Then, when I made it clear that Chaldeans must be added to the agenda, Dr. Qmaber, Zowaa's chosen speaker, continued his "Assyrian agenda". My proof to his being chosen by Zowaa, is two folded: First, Zowaa was the only Assyrian group present in the meeting and I might add, "heavily present". Second, Zowaa was actually the only group that was mentioned and praised by him in his presentation. No other Assyrian group was mentioned by him at all.

Actually, when I and other members of the Chaldean National Congress left the meeting, we had members of other Iraqi groups approaching us and wondering about the differences between Chaldeans and Assyrians, and why Assyrians don't mention Chaldeans in their speeches!!!

Ghassan created a phony "Chaldean News Agency", "Chaldean National Congress", etc... I suppose he wants to be the "President of Chaldea" someday

He is the "Aprim" of the Chaldean Community.

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