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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, June 11, 2002 at 9:27PM :

I understand that you have been attempting to contact Lincoln Bejan in order
to try to sit down and discuss resolution of the outstanding lawsuit. While
the idea is fine, the chanel is wrong. nimno. I did not try to contact him in order to settle anything. I contacted him to alert him to the fact that he is about to get a subpenis of mine in his hand, and while that makes you as happy as a pig in shit cause it means more money for entangles a basically decent man in even more of his wife's inanities.

+++A part of me was disappointed as I was calling because there is nothing I would like more than to bring them all the same amount of misery they thoughtlessly inflicted on me...but at the same time I know that when all of this is said and done, you will walk away laughing at these fools of Assyrians...and you leave us with an incredible mess to deal with. You are not serving her interests at all, but your own narrow ones. If you knew ahead of time that she barely had three thousand dollars to spend you would have done just that much "work" and discouraged her from the the name of sound legal advice of course. But really because you could see there was nothing more to be gained by aren't heartless after all...just conscienceless.

Please remember, the first and last thing I said to you each time you and I
have interacted face to face: I will be happy to discuss settlement on behalf
of my client on appropriate terms. In fact, when there is some assurance
that it will be productive, Lincoln, Jackie, and I can sit down with you to
discuss resolution.

+++You are saying this to them, not to me. It's part of your scam to convince them you are a reasonable and professional man working for their best interests. I thought Lincoln at least would prove smarter than this.

+++I have no desire to settle anything to your fact I eagerly anticipate our court date. The part of me that wanted to spare Lincoln, and our community, is is the part that wanted to spare her Club. You are using these see how determined and wealthy Jackie is and you are trying to position yourself as someone who can get her relief. You knew damn well there were no grounds for any restrianing order...that I was in no way a threat of any kind to Jackie or her cars...except in that I would tell the truth about her. Yet you proceeded anyway, filled out the papers because you get four hundred bucks an hour plus travel time and expenses and you have to eat, after all. I wasn't even there and the judge told the two of you to get packing. The other thing you "won" for Jackie, you only did so because Lincoln and she perjured themselves and I didn't show up...and even there you can't collect a damn thing. You also gleefully went to the bank on the suit against Jeff all the time knowing there was no way in hell you could sue him in California...or do anyting in Michigan either. You spout about "allegations" the way Aprim does about "facts". The only thing you have PROVEN so far is that you are marvellously inept as a lawyer but damn good at making the bucks. This move to sue Jeff will be the single thing more than any other that will resonate with the shows exactly what I alleged and can prove...thanks to you...about the way Jackie operates...who she really works for. Anyone reading the mushy and effusive notes she wrote to Jeff would be hard pressed to believe the person who wrote them was anything but a snake when they learn that with no provocation she turned and sued her "darling" for two million. Not to mention your letter to John Piralli DEMANDING tapes you knew damn well you had no legal right to...just to bully people you and she think will cave in. Get ready to earn your money chump.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the stressful environment of litigation, most
cases settle. As a competent litigator who takes my job seriously, I
zealously advocate for the whole package of my client's interests --
including their interest in not paying huge legal fees to me.

+++Oh! Aren't we a sincere little muggins!!! I'm sure you sent a copy of this to Jackie and Lincoln immediately to prove that you have their best interests at heart. You know damn well I'm not going to a white American, of sorts, you know already what happens to people who tackle an artist...they lose...they always have, they always will. Wait till the article in the Mercury comes out...that the CEO and CFO of a Silicon Valley firm are being sued for conspiracy etc. In the company that Lincoln is going to find himself in.

++++When my paralegal found out they own their own company he fairly beamed and said he could make their lives miserable, and a lot poorer. I told him I didn't want that...all I want, all I EVER wanted was to have my day in front of grown ups. And thanks to YOU...I will get it now.

+++You must already suspect that I HAD to get Jackie to sue me...and for a lot of money. You obliged, for which I thank you.

However, it is
a rare and unhappy circumstance when my client's financial interests become
the primary reason for accepting an inappropriate settlement.

+++You stopped writing to me long ago...this is purely intended to impress your clients and keep them from seeing that you are milking them and know your case is hopeless...even if you win, which you wont.

+++You are the one interested in your client's finances.

In this case,
again as I told you on day one, the financial issues are certainly secondary
to the gross violation of my client's right to live free of defamation.

+++Go suck eggs...if it pays enough. Your client will no longer live free to slam people behind their backs, lie to them, spread rumors about them, run her hands all over them and say "who ME?" Your client has been exposed already for what she really is...she just thinks her money is going to insulate her like she thought it bought her class...your ass. Who you trying to scare? How come you don't call to try to settle anything? Why on earth would I settle at all when you have neatly given me the opportunity to examine her where she might just tell the truth for the first time in her life AND in public AND on the public record?

++++I called to do Lincoln a favor...not myself...did you go to Matchbook University?

wrongness of stating on the Internet that Jackie was motived by anger because
you wouldn't sleep with her, and the inappropriateness of calling her "the
Armenian Cunt of Assyria" (just one of many statements ranging from juvenile
to defamatory) are going to have to be addressed. By you.

+++I can't wait. Do you really think a court is going to be intersted every time two people call each other names? Are you for REAL??? had I defamed her as a businesswoman it would be one she told people I was a dishonest sculptor. But for me to call her a slut, and for her to call me a prick...are hardly things a court is going to care about. Come on Shawn.

With appropriate
contrition and some form of compensation -- be it actual or symbolic.

+++Tell you what I'm going to do. When this is all over I'm going to make a sculpture of a guess who. Then I want to show all of the Assyrians we know...who are eager to follow this case...Jackie and Lincoln especially...just how helpless you will be, and just how you will handle the situation...which will ignore it because you know you will only attract more attention to it and to you...something you supposedly want to avoid. You will not waste a minute, or a dime of your own, to come sue me. I'll show you.

Alternatively, you can spend the next 2-5 years trying to convince the
court/jury of your "truth" defense to slander per se.

+++I didn't slander her at all. A woman who lies, is a liar. I can prove she lied...I can also prove she was negligent as President of her Club...remember this isn't a capital case...all I need, and I am defending myself, is a preponderance of the evidence. Any juror I help pick is going to see a rich pissed off woman who couldn't get her way and set off after everybody...and everyone will tesitfy who will be called upon to do so and more of her will be exposed than she can dream of now...YOU know it but aren't about to tell her.

Without getting personal, let me point out that you are not the victim here,
and your trying to play the part does not come off well.

+++Save it.

You are going to
prove up lost wages? Expect to provide the historical record of tax returns.

+++Gladly...but you miss the point. As a man who will cross the street for money with a client who reveres the stuff, neither of you can understand what this is about. If I wanted money at all I wouldn't have been an artist...nor would I have ever made Assyrian art and never ever for our Assyrian people. I did what I did because it HAD to be done.

+++I don't want a penny from her. What she will pay out wont be counted up in money and she will only realize just how much this all cost her when it is over and she finds herself isolated and sidelined. many exciting things are happening and she will be forced to stay out of them...she can continue to plan picnics and bus trips and crow about ten dollars more she made than anyone else in the history of the Western World...but she will do it alone...except of course for the people she among them.

You are going to prove that Jackie's reference to Jeff in an email as
"sweetie" show's she's a bitch in heat -- and vindictive on top of that?

+++Not to you sweet cheeks. I don't have to prove a thing to you. I have to make my case to the jury...and you know what THEY think of lawyers.

You're going to have the jury examine her walls to see that you're the only
man she's ever dealt with who's still intact? Good luck.

++++What the hell was that supposed to mean? I have people ready to testify...who will feel compelled and released to testify that this has happened before. You don't suppose she told you the truth do you??? And you don't want to know it, do you? She told you only what she wanted and needed to get you to write and move for her...and you wanted to know no more than that...because otherwise you would KNOW what a shyster you have been in this.

I know you're angry about the convention. I am aware you feel wronged by
many people.

+++++Shawn, baby....I don't know how to get this across to you. I realize you deal in simple things...I mean REALLY simple no matter how "complex". I am not angry at anyone. I am gratified because this canker has to be exposed. leaders like Jackie are using us and we are beginning to see it more and more. Nothing could have proven my point better than what Jackie has done, NOTHING. I am grateful to you for that.

However, if it added up to a compensable, legal "wrong" you
would have sued long ago instead of burning your bridges on the Internet.

+++++No no sweet cheeks. I needed her to sue ME. Let me explain, slowly. If I bring a suit and prosecute it myself without benefit of counsel...I am at a disadvantage. The court does not appreciate amateurs taking up their time. With your help Jackie has sued ME for two million silly dollars...THAT gets people's attention. Not only that, you went and helped me out by agreeing to sue a college student very highly regarded by our people...who has wonderful credentials as a human being. That was a fatal mistake that will cost her dearly...but you don't care because you got well paid for that blatant attempt to intimidate an innocent person.

++++I now have the sympathy of everyone because I am defending myself...NOT suing. And as the defendent without benefit of counsel, I am in a better position than I would have been had I been the first to sue. Comprende?

By the way, I have reviewed a copy of your proposed cross-complaint.
Although I have solid respect for many paralegals, I have to question the
competence and professionalism of yours after he or she got your address
wrong and seems to have gotten mine wrong, among other errors of law and
fact. (I had get a copy from the court because I've still not received the
allegedly mailed copy.)

+++And do you think your several errors went unnoticed?

Frankly, there is nothing intimidating or even
useful in your proposed cross-complaint.

+++Gee...I thought you would have said something different. note to Jackie: This is all for your benefit.

It complains rather loudly, but it
doesn't create a legally actionable case that Senator Nimrod or the various
Federations or Associations need to worry about.

+++WEALLY???? Do I sound worried to you big fella?

When all is said and done, there is no reason in the current universe that
Ms. Bejan is going to pay you a cent in some type of "settlement." Her money
is much better spent on my bill.

+++++Of course it is...if undoing herself even more is her goal. There are a hundred, a thousand ways in which I will continue showing her for what she is long after you have cashed your last come back for more.

However that said, I will be happy to discuss with you any productive
suggestions for resolution. To date, each and every offer and communication
you directed toward me or Ms. Bejan has been generally or specifically shared
and discussed.

++++Don't hold your breath. By the way...I can afford to have my own subpenis need to have my lawyer do it.

That includes the unfair and inappropriate attempts you made
on-line to tie Lina's critical health needs to the resolution of this case.

+++The money she is wasting to bring even more embarrassment to herslef could indeed have been better spent. You are hardly in any kind of a position to make moral judgements about anyone. Would you care to donate to Lina's fund???

(What Jackie does regarding Lina has nothing to do with you.)

++++Never said it did...just a thought. We don't need her...never did, and we'll all get on fine without her from now on.

In the future, please think carefully before you act.

+++++Always don't know how much thought and planning went into getting Jackie to do was a lot of work, but fun.

Then direct your
efforts toward positive resolution through my email. I can assure you that
no one is more aware of how much Jackie spends on my bill than she and I, and
I can assure you that there is no more direct route to settlement than Jackie
directly, via me.

+++++For the umpteenth time...I do NOT want to settle...why would I? Everything I worked for is coming to fruition...would I spoil it now? I just felt badly for Lincoln...didn't even know what we could talk about...probably just make the same gesture he made to me by holding out his hand to shake as we crossed paths after the convention. Jackie doesn't care for him or anyone else...this is all about revenge because no one has ever been loyal to Jackie unless they were paid or afraid and she knows it and it kills her.

Yours truly,
-Shawn Leuthold

P.S. I am copying Jeff on this since he seems to share communications I send
to him with you. I figure it should work both ways.

++++Are you going to imply nopw that in America people can't share communications? Send it to your Aunt Tilly for all I care.

cc: Client; Lincoln Bejan

+++Those are sad words to see. How easily our people are duped by Europeans...Germans especially. This guy will now take the both of you for a ride. I tried.

-- pancho
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