Christian nonsense again....

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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at 3:04AM :

Written by pancho on 12 Jun 2002 10:09:03:

As an answer to: Re: Hazkhoye - People from Hazakh are Arabs?!!!!! written by Mark on 12 Jun 2002 01:54:51:

>So well said Sabrina:
>Don't mind puncho he must be smoking Hashish when he writes his posts.
>We have documentation of countless instances during all centuries when the entire christian communities were forced into Islam including during world war one massacres. Those who refused were kild right away.

+++That's nonsense fed to you by your silly priests. No one wanted to convert anyone...just humiliate them before killing them.

>Another myth about Islam is that they do not kill women and children which is ture but not for humaniterain reasons but because they sold women into slavery and the children were reeducted and converted into Islam.

++++Christians regularly sold Christians into slavery...the pope had to fight with the most holy Christian princes who defeated the Turks at the battle of lepanto because they wanted to re-sell the Christian galley slaves instead of release them. And today Christians don't reduct children, they sodomize them.

>Abraham Yohanna in his The "Death of A Nation" on page 127 of his book published in 1915 writes: "In Haftewan, a village of Salamas Urmi 750 corpses without heads have been recovered from the wells and cisterns alone."

+++So what does that prove? Every horror you can mention can be matched and more by Christians. On the ever of St Barthlomew in France ten thousand Protestant Christians were butcherd by their Catholic neighbors in every bit a greusome way as any Muslim could devise. Henry Layard visited the Bishop of Montenegro on his way to Persia and was disgusted to watch the man bless some Christian villagers who turned up with several severed heads of Muslim babies...go read another book.

>"In the same city five hundred christian women and girls were delivered to the Kuds of Audjbulak."

+++++This is nothing new...Christians in the Yugoslav war had whorehouse motels where they systematically raped Muslim women and girls AND boys...grow up.

>"In Diliman crowds of Chrisitans were thrown into prison and forced to accept Islam. Those who refused were killed. Gulpashan, the richest village in Urmia was utterly ransaked. The men were slain and the good-looking girls were carried away. The same happened in Babarud, Miandoab and Sulduz distirct. "

+++You are alkl fighting for the distinction of least barbaric when you are all insane. Christians have been killing and raping up till today...give it a rest.

>"A large number of captured girls were taken into various cities and sold as slaves to Turks for nominal prices. Some in the streets of Beirut were offered for the nominal price of twenty piasters (eighty cents). A man bought one for that price but soon he was stabbed and the girl was taken away from him because they discovered that he was a christian."

+++Today pederastic priests are being rotated around so they can have freesh little bottoms. There isn't anything Christians have done that Muslims haven't. It remains for people of good will who don't treat religion like a soccer match to help heal this planet...the rest of you are crazy with bloodlust.


+++You missed it.

-- panch
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