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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at 3:20AM :

Hello dear Thea,

What a wonderful and positive step. The world some day will acknowledge what the Turks did to all Christians in Ottoman and modern Turkey. May god bless you for all your wonderful efforts in that regard.

+++Shows you how this guy reads and picks and chooses...the very cornerstone of her book is that her mother bore no ill will towards the Turkish people...that they had many wonderful friends among them and they were helped by many. She reserves her anger for the Iraqis today feel no ill will towards the American people but despise the US government.

Aprim makes it seem like Thea agrees with him on the "Turkish Question" or whatever. Nothing could be further from the truth...another decent and polite person trying to go easy on this jackass.

These guys can do no harm out there because they know better than to ever try this crap on grown ups...they come to us with this journalism and heroic nonsense as their way of saying nothing we do or say counts for anything what the hell, say whatever you please.

They are not interested at all, and indeed are deadly determined, to keep us from ever growing up and being able to stand side by side with other Humans.

If Aprim were a medical instructor an an Assyrian Medical College run along the same lines as this Grat Nayshun they talk about he'd be using a hammer for anesthesia and a broken shard for a scalpel and convincing you this was the latest and best technique.

-- panch
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