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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at 4:27PM :

Here's an idea for other campus organizations around the country (US) to consider - we could all work to have something like this to inform & educate students on our campuses about this situation. I mean, why not? If there can be Holocaust education series on college campuses, why can't we have something like this as well?

The Georgetown University Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS)
and The Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine (CPAP) invite you to
participate in our Summer 2002 film series.

Theme 1: History: Who are the Palestinians?
Wednesday, 12 June
PALESTINE: STORY OF A LAND / 1993 / 120 min. [Palestine]
Using only newsreel and archival footage, this two-part film tells the
story of Palestine from the late nineteenth century through current
times. A comprehensive visual and historical record, it provides the
context needed to fully understand events in the region today. Part 1
covers the years from 1880-1950, part 2 from 1950-1991. Director:
Simone Bitton

Theme 2: Dispossession: The Story of Palestinian Refugees
Wednesday, 19 June
FRONTIERS OF DREAMS AND FEARS / 2001 / 58 min. [Palestine/Lebanon]
Characterized as a “vivid and troubling testimony to love and hope,” by
Pillar to Post, this film is the story of two Palestinian refugee
girls. One from Shatila camp in Beirut, the other from Dheisha camp in
Bethlehem, the girls embark on an extraordinary journey separating them
from their childhood and eventually from each other. Director: Mai

ON THE BORDERS OF GARDENS / 2000 / 75 min. [Palestine/Israel]
Over one million Palestinians still live in refugee camps more than 50
years after the creation of the state of Israel drove them from their
homeland. This film is an exploration of questions: Who is responsible
for refugees? Should refugees return to their homelands or be
compensated? How? Who will return? When? And where to?
Director: David Rigden.

Theme 3: Occupation: Palestinian Life under Military Rule
Wednesday, 26 June
PALESTINIAN DIARIES / 1991 / 60 min. [Israel/Palestine]
Three young Palestinians document the day-to-day curfews, arrests, and
executions in the streets of Palestinian communities under Israeli
occupation. Director: Michael Khleifi.

WAITING FOR SALADIN / 2001 / 53 min. [Israel/Palestine]
This film is a documentary portrait of Palestinian inhabitants of East
Jerusalem living under the rule of Israel's political regime.
Director: Tawfik Abu-Wael.

Theme 4: Jerusalem: A City Divided, Disputed, and Loved
Wednesday, 10 July
This film is the first in a four-part series that discusses the
scramble for control over the city of Jerusalem, which is sacred to
Palestinians and Israelis. Discussed in this volume is the issue of
Jewish settlements in Arab East Jerusalem and the problems they pose
for a final status resolution. Director: Jerri Bird

JERUSALEM’S HIGH COST OF LIVING / 2001 / 53 min. [Israel/Palestine]
Filmed during the second intifada, a Palestinian-American filmmaker
embarks on a journey back to Jerusalem. Instead of finding his Israeli
neighbors mobilizing for peace, he encounters unexpected hostility.
Director: Hazim Bitar.

Theme 5: The Extremists: Jewish Settlers and Islamic Militants
Wednesday, 17 July
An up-close portrait of the extremist Jewish settlers in the West Bank
town of Hebron and their feelings about Baruch Goldstein and the late
Yitzak Rabin. This film includes the only footage filmed when Hebron
was closed to the media after the massacre. Director: Micha X. Peled.

WE ARE GOD'S SOLDIERS / 1993 / 52 min. [Gaza]
This video presents an eyewitness account of the Islamic movement in
the Gaza Strip. The documentary contains interviews with soldiers of
Hamas who have been expelled by Israel and an examination of two
brothers, each of whom belong to separate Palestinian factions. It has
been called a ”very complex and sensitive portrayal of the realities in
Gaza.” Director: Hanna Musleh.

Theme 6: The Gaza Strip: Separated, but not Forgotten
Wednesday, 24 July
GAZA UNDER SIEGE / 2001 / 27 min. [Palestine/UK]
One of the most densely populated places on earth, the Gaza Strip is
home to over a million Palestinians and is a virtual prison. Since the
second intifada began in September 2000 none of Gaza’s 40,000 day
laborers have been able to cross the border to Israel. This
documentary highlights one family’s struggle to cope. Director:
Charles Stewart.

GAZA STRIP / 2002 / 70 min. [Palestine]
Gaza Strip follows a range of characters and events in different cities
and towns inside the Gaza Strip from February through April 2001. The
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs describes the film as “an
unflinchingly honest portrayal of a population under siege.”
Director: James Longley.

Theme 7: Coexistence: From Israel’s Creation to the Peace
Wednesday, 31 July
Based on his Pulitzer Prize winning book by the same title, David K.
Shipler narrates this documentary as he interviews young Palestinians,
Israelis, relief workers, international representatives, and peace
activists. Life under occupation, Israeli aggression, Arab
frustration, and mutual misunderstandings are all explored through the
stories of the inhabitants of this “promised land.” Director: David
K. Shipler.

Theme 8: Coexistence: The Peace Process and Beyond
Wednesday, 7 August
IF YOU MAKE IT POSSIBLE / 1996 / 75 min. [Israel/Palestine]
This documentary offers four in-depth portraits of Palestinians and
Israelis who have devoted their lives to achieving peace and non-
violence in the Middle East. The profiles include Nafez Assaily
(founder of the Palestinian Center for the Study of Non-Violence),
Rabbi Menachem Fruman (founder of the Gush Emunim Religious Settler
Movement), Father Brumo Hussar (founder of Neve Shalom/Wahat Al Salaam,
a multi-faith, multi-race village), and Nabila Espanioly and Hannah
Saffran (a Palestinian woman and an Israeli woman) who have forged a
friendship through their work in women's advocacy. In Arabic and Hebrew
with English subtitles. Director: Lynn Feinerman.

All films will begin at 6:30 p.m. All films are in Arabic with English
Attendance is free and registration is not required.

-- Lilly
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