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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at 9:17PM : so stupid? It would be one thing if we were really in any danger...except from a backlash to the inhumane policy we've been implementing in the MidEast for the last forty years and more.

Where's the surprise? When America was attacked declared war and bankrupted itself...suspended civil rights and increased police powers.

The Palestinians, the Iraqis, have been under attack for YEARS...have lost thousands killed and dispossed...what are THEY supposed to do...why do THEY have to swallow what America couldn't?

There has been a systematic policy in place for years to use the Israelis as an attack dog against the Palestinians to one day fill the "Enemey Gap" analysts knew would be coming up once the whole Communist farce was played out.

Moderates in the Arab world have consistently been passed over and betrayed...lied to and fandangled...while every extremist nut has either been given free reign or trained and optioned by the CIA.

You really think the US wants moderate and cooperative Arabs in the MidEast?


-- panch
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