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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at 9:33PM :

How did I ever manage to get myself into this invaluable situation? I mean here I am...being sued for a lot of silly putty ...over just the kind of thing i was alleging all along...and it comes to pass, providing me with just the opportunity to show the public at large just what I was talking about all along.

Jackie couldn't have been more obliging. Hell...she even went and made a Cruella DeVille out of herself by suing that adorable Pup too.

Y tu Pup, tambien!

They actually think I am interested in settling anything? Do I look or sound scared? The case goes something like..."can you prove she is a slut...or are you just saying that". No....I can prove it, your honor...let me call....

If I can show she was negligent...lied about me....then where did I slander or defame her? As for being called names...give us all a break. Besides which...even cuss words have meaning and can be applied when applicable.

If you look up "bastard" in the Dictionary of American Slang" you'll find a real definiton...and not the out of wedlock thing. To call a person a bastard has specific reference to a set of behavior reasonable people have agreed upon.

It can be entirely legitimate to use such a word if you can convince a jury that the person in question did indeed act like a bastard. Not because you are pissed off and got mad...not just for personal reasons...but because their behavior would be seen the same way by that reasonable person...the ones on the jury.

Now we have to go to case management or whatever. We HAVE to...and each side has to be prepared to state the case and say just why they are there. Jackie wont show, of course, but I will.

So the official listens to us both and decides if Jackie can hope to win anything. I'm sitting over there not saying a word because I am scared to death the guy will tell her to forget it!!! They still think I'm worried about paying her you can squeeze sex, or piss, out of a sculptor or rock.

Shawn...if there is anything i can do to help Jackie actually make it into a courtroom, let me know.

-- panch
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