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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 1:26AM :

In Reply to: I don't email you anymore. posted by Lilly from ? ( on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at 8:03PM :

: I sent you those pictures, for the LAST time, because they were funny - there's NOTHING sexual about them at ALL.

+++I never said there was. I said your ploy was obvious...just why would you send ANY pictures of yourself to a dirty old man who apparently can't get over the mesmerizingness of you?

I'm fully clothed in them, & I have a shaved head in most of them - the other pictures were of when I had long hair.

++++You could have been nude and they STILL would have been funny...I don't care WHAT you shave.

YOU were the one writing on the forum that you had pictures from me, & then insinuating that they were raunchy - Jeff, Stella, & David have seen those pictures - I don't believe that they think those pictures are raunchy in any way.

+++++Why don't you get a mailing list and send out funny photos of yourself to even more people?

: I ONLY sent you those pictures because you appeared to have a good sense of humor, at the time. I didn't think you'd be so perverse & twisted about them, when there's nothing suggestive about them at all.

++++The PHOTOS weren't suggestive at all...get over yourself. What WAS suggestive of your basic disorder was that you would do that at all...then spend a year explaining you were not doing what you were doing. It is your passionate belief that people have misunderstood you all your prove it you try your damndest to confuse them no end.

: I only asked you to call me because you were starting to play those insinuating, mind games on me on this forum & in emails to me - flirting & making raunchy jokes, & I wanted to tell you to stop doing that & to ask you about the Assyrian community you were writing about on the boards.

+++You are either the stupidist broad in the world, or her sister...who are you selling cheese to?

How many times do I have to repeat myself?

+++As long as it continues to satisfy your need to be the eternally misunderstood shemale.

: I will admit that I joked back, but it was sarcastic.

: You are the dishonest one. I've never lied about anyone on this forum, but YOU, on the other hand, have made remarks & accusations about other people that are not true.

+++++Oh stuff it...Julia is a barrel of monkeys compared to THIS!

-- panch
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