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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 8:41AM :

Dear Aprim...what happened? You gonna go hide your head where no one can see it and wait till people forget? Last time you gave us a Nixonesque speech about how we all didn't deserve you...didn't appreciate your arfticles...didn't buy your "facts", and you left for refitting somewhere.

You returned invigorated and raring to write articles. Now that those aren't wanted either...all 66 of them...and now that you can be seen to be unable to do what you say you can easily do...prove people are not what they say they find yourself back at your old starting point.

Some advice...if you are going to tell a "truth" that will profoundly disturb or hurt people...from as shakey a basis as you have..."I don't need to prove who I am, because I KNOW who I am...but you Don't know who you are and can't find any proof for YOUR claims"...if you're gonna tell someone that their parents are liars or had best have something pretty concrete to offer by way of evidence.

People of good faith, and real Chaldeans are just that, are intelligent and would be willing to listen, even if the truth might hurt. But by the time they hear three words of your articles, they realize you are merely playing around like a thoughtless kid who doesn't care WHAT he says to hurt...on what basis he speaks...with what evidence he comes to do such a terrible thing. By then, and we've all reached that point with one wants to hear from you on that subject, or much else because you've tipped your hand so badly...made it so damn obvious that you MUST make this point, and therefore aren't any kind of a scholar at all but a jingoist of the worst sort.

jingo bells, jingo bells, Freddie smells...he's going a-way soooon.
Oh what fun it is, to help this whizz,
My he's such a Loooon.

Take yer facts, shove yer truths, we want no more of the--EM
It's a fact, it's the are a dumb Ap-rem.

note: Sung to the tune of "Ode to Joy"....Beethoven's 9th Symphony...or "My Wild Irish Rose"...or "Jimmie Crack Corn".

-- panch
-- signature .

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