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Posted by panch from pool0174.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 9:06AM :

It's his last hiding place...there where I can't get to him. He's protected there so he can be tough and thoughtful and remain unchallenged, which is the only way these guys can operate...."Assyrians" my arse! An Assyrian will drag you over by the hair if he has to...he wont be found hiding out behind someone's skirts.

"At the same time, two xenophobic KDP leaders, Samir Abdul Rahman Sinjari and Fazil Mirani (1), through their ties with ex-Saddam puppets such as Paulus Mangeshi, Fahmi Matte and Shabu Auda - who have links with Baghdad to this day - established the Chaldean Cultural Centre in Ankawa, again for divisive purposes.

+++I don't know Aprim...you're sounding pretty Greek to me.

And these two are still trying very hard to divide our nation.

+++No one has to lift a finger to divide us...we are madly, gleefully, happily doing it ourselves...always have been since we first divided into followers of Ashur and followers of a Jew god carpenter. After that it was downhill all the way. Who gives a good goddamn about us anyway????

Over the last few days, they have applied increased pressure and force to make every Chaldean Church member a part of a new Chaldean political party in Iraqi Kurdistan. Meetings took place about a week ago between Mangeshi, Auda, Matte and their ring leader, Abdul Tkhoomnaya. Sinjari and Mirani are also using their influence to curry favour with and garner the support of religious leaders, namely bishops, in the region. The KDP leadership has, if not actively given its blessings, remained silent and therefore complicitous in these games."

+++So what? You think everyone else in the world just talks and writes 66 articles? People DO have agendas...nothing wrong with that...and they run right over people who don't have any agenda except getting to heaven for that everlasting afterlife.

You blame Chaldeans and Kurds and Arabs for getting up in the morning and getting to work to get their needs met? What do you do in the mornings? Is it the rest of the world's fault that you...or your Christians, have no real reason to get up and do anything cause their pie is waiting for them in the sky?

+++You gonna blame your indolence on others as well? If the Italians today decided Iraq had been a part of the Roman Empire...it was...and they wanted it back...and they woke up early in the morning and set out to accomplish it...while you were having a latte somewhere...is it their fault? The world wont stand still for your sake...people will not give up living and stealing and lying and writing music and eating for your sake. People will do what it takes to meet their needs...some one way, some another.

++++People will take our old lands if they want to...just as some people will bomb them and starve the children there...where's the surprise? What are you constantly crying and wailing about?

++++Don't you understand how Life works?

Do you think that there was no connection between these actions and the actions of Detroit with the census bureau?

++++So what if there was...you think there is no connection between Bush and terrorists? You think there is no connection between you and the fact that you piss and moan and our condition in the world today?

Looking forward to your analysis of the controversy.

++++There IS no analysis you dweeb...there IS no controversy. People will do what they can, take what they can, and justify themselves later as best they can...and the world will move on. You do what you can too...it just isn't much...but that isn't a Chaldean or a Kurd or an American's fault either.



++++Don't mention it.

-- panch
-- signature .

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