Feminism Was Never For This

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Posted by panch from pool0343.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 11:58AM :

You goils are like the Powells and other Toms of today. You got the benefit of all that hard work that went on before you were borned...and now you think it was always this way and all it was ever about was allowing you to, maybe, talk dirty and get laid on a regular basis...dad permitting of course.

You haven't figured out yet that the Movement wasn't about makiing female studs out of all of you...just as the Civil Rights movement wasn't about good Blacks joining the Republican Country Club.

You are at the same disadvantage arguing with me that any red neck man is...you are one dimensional...less actually cause your female role was designed for you by men in the first place...and they allowed you to re-design it along lines even MORE beneficial to them...and you still don't get it.

What would a man want more than a woman who feels compelled to hop in the sack...to prove she is LIBERATED no less? On top of that he can get her to go earn her own money and possibly pay HIM in a divorce settlement, because she is "equal"...at less per hour, of course. AND...men STILL don't take the garbage out, or make the coffee at "radical" meetings...and they STILL prefer male company where they can be "warm and fuzzy" with the boys...who they will increasingly prefer as sex partners anyway cause they never DID like women from the very first.

Almost ALL men are homosexual deep in their psyches. Everything "masculine" they know tells them that women are weaker and not as worthy, no matter what they tell you just before your bra hits the floor. They KNOW they are men....by NOT being women. They don't know what a man is anyway, except that he must NOT be anything like a woman.

Of course they aren't going to tell you that, you ninnies. Why spoil a good thing? They finally got it ALL...and convinced you you "won" something!

Now women GLADLY set themselves up for the fall AND take responsibility for it too..."empowerment". GOD...how you guys could be so damn gullible I'll never know...selective breeding over centuries I suppose. For four thousand years men have been mating with the compliant, easily manipulated females with nice tits and arses and not much else. The strong, capable, spiritual, sensitive and honest women...the kind men still fear and hate and distrust...were left to love each other...for which they were ALSO condemned.

After years of this sort of stuff you get women with Finns...what else?

-- panch
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