Jizzboohoo plays the Arab Card

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Posted by panch from pool0343.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 12:42PM :

>What Arab civilization?

+++If you repeat "I am now BetBasoo" long enough, people come to believe it. This having worked for you, you now come saying, "what Arab Civilization" thinking people will believe that as well. The Arabs were around then and they still are to claim a direct link to the treasures they gave the world...when Baghdad in the time of Haroun was the most cultivated city in the world...when Cordoba under the Khaliphate was the most civilized place in Europe.

+++And if you are going to say they "stole" their civilization from others...then how do you explain the fact that in over 100 years in this country, with no enemies and no wars and no religious persecution...on the contrary with every avenue of government and vehicle for self-expression and expansion available to us in the greatest and strongest and richest country the world has yet see...all you have to show for 80,000 Assyrians in Chicago is one King Sargon Block?

+++Apparently the Arabs are even better at stealing than you are...at least they knew how to take advantage of things to their benefit...you can't even get a statue your city wants and has been waiting for installed...No Arab or jew or Hottentot would have been that stupid.

+++Any claim you make to being associated with the ancient Assyrians is tenuous at best...but we'll let it slide. They had people like you back then too, no doubt...though no one gave poetry away. What do you have to show for yourself today?

+++I thought so. Given away anything else lately?

-- panch
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