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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 1:27PM :

>You are spreading lies. You made the lawsuit because you envy her.

+++I didn't make any lawsuit...she sued me. And I am eager to have my day in court so I can prove everything I said about her. I never envied her...for what?

Your statues are useless and she noticed that.

+++Has she bought thousands of dollars of "useless" stuff from you...or anyone?

But even when she noticed that she was going to put the statue in San Jose and you said no.

++++She asked me to put it in San Jose...I never wanted belongs in Chicago. I agreed and put off our move to Mexico for five months to do the necessary work. I asked Harriet Traurig if Jackie has attended the meetings of the Arts Council where details were supposed to be worked out...and she said that Jackie missed the next four monthly meetings of their Committee...only made the first one. All the time she was telling me she was working "so hard". She wanted me to leave and then install herself as our monument...she used the Shumirum, dragging it into every politician's office to let them see 'how much she does". In the process and because I believed her, we almost lost the monument and would have if not for Narsai David...who paid the bill SHE was supposedly going to pay...from the sale of yet another one of my sculptures.

As difficult as it was for my lawyer to understand, or for a jury to comprehend, or you for that matter...i sell my sculptures and use the profits to fund the monuments, which i then GIVE away. How much of her income do you suppose she lavishes on her "people"...right...about half of what her shoes cost her. Being so damn impressed by money, you and she, make a big deal out of spare change. NOW she is spending big bucks and for nothing,,,just to expose herself further and in front of the city and state...I write articles you know.

So stop blaming stuff on her and the lawyers and spread lies.

++++I don't blame at all...don't need to spread any lies either...the truth will do. Give it time, give it time.

pss. So...what did YOu do in the war fella?

-- panch
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