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Posted by panch from pool0343.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 1:57PM :


Your beloved America showed you what it thought of Assyrians when it lumped you all together with the other darkies and kicked us off of airplanes..."even though we were wearing BIG GOLD CROSSES"!!!

"Come ON...we are CHRISTIANS damn it...where's the PAY OFF"????

No one knows of you, wants to, or cares much...and that's just fine with you because how would you like an entire country to reject your poems? keep it small, keep it small and banal and pointless and trivial and you might just mean something in here.

Why do you suppose our leeders put us to work on nothing...on silly projects like they do in high school...writing silly letters and going ape over a picnic at which ten more bucks were raised than ever before in the great history of us in Diapers?

No wonder you guys aren't eager to see the Shumirum in Chicago...just like Nimrod isn't anxious to see something so far beyond what he, or you can do...after all, when did a city look forward to anything made, or him, or Bejan, to display anywhere...except in a specimen bottle?

Being so involved in promoting yourselves, you think I'm competition...that I also want to see my name in lights.

Why ELSE do you think we're here? Muslims chasing you guys out of Chicago too? Where IS it safe for such big bad men as you and the rest if not under a cloak of anonymity? You'd keep us all slovenly and unpresentable, weak and disorganized...ashamed of ourselves for the kinds of good reasons people like you give us, so we'll never dare to go public because then others will see us...and see YOU!

All this unity nonsense and purity nonsense and redneack and reactionary and backward looking stuff is designed by you guys so you'll have a cozy, safe and warm womb to hide out in...and you'll curl up in there and shout out about your "rights" and what the world "owes you" and you'll order people "Out of OUR country" and make a great dumb show of being smart and brave and patriotic when all the while what you really want is a permanant place in Mudville where you can spout this nonsense.

What ASSYRIAN civilization???? Now you turkey...NOW, when you can have a hand in it...not three thousand years ago when you weren't around to give it away.

-- panch
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