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Posted by Jeff from ( on Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 2:24PM :

In Reply to: Re: College posted by Nahrain from DNab4078e2.Stanford.EDU ( on Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 2:01PM :

: ****I agree. Also, from the looks of it, and I may be wrong, but a lot of Chaldeans like to be considered part of a sort of "Arab-Chaldean" group. Whenever I read the news and stuff, I get a lot of "Arab-Chadlean community" B.S. I am sure many Chaldeans are against this. It must be clarified that those are two distinct communities.

_+_+_+_+ I wouldn't say that a lot of Chaldeans like to be considered in that Arab-Chaldean group. That Arab-Chaldean B.S. comes from the work that a group called the "Arab American and Chaldean Council" does. They are a very active humanitarian organization that helps Arabs, and Chaldeans to a lesser extent. When the papers see "Arab and Chaldaen Council" they think the groups (Arab and Chaldean) are the same...and the group (being run by Arabs) often allows that to happen without offering any corrections, when they aren't outright saying "Chaldeans are Arabs".

There is a "Chaldean Federation of America", but that organization is almost defunct with the few activities that they organize. The Chaldean American Ladies of Charity aren't really well known to the public... and Chaldean Americans Reaching and Encouraging (CARE) does presentations and seminars about our community and they always include a section on the similarities and differences between Chaldeans and Arabs (while explaining that CHaldeans are not Arabs). Self-identifying Assyrians and Syriacs (I know, they all mean the same thing) even sit on CARE's board of directors.

: FYI, there is a little town called Assyria, michigan. I've never been there though..

+_+_+_+_+_ ... you haven't been, and you call yourself an Assyrian? I haven't been there, either.

****That is a lot of money. I guess a lot of poeple are in that situation. For some, there are no worries when it comes to money...

+_+_+_+_+_ Try living in Bloomington..ahem, I mean Bloomfield, or ..take a stroll into downtown Birmingham. They have new 2 million dollar condos right downtown. Or you can go to Bloomfield Hills where the real old money lives. It's those people that make Oakland County the 3rd richest county in the US.

: U of M--I hear its a sweet school. I don't like the big school lecture hall thing myself. My largest class had about 50-60 at most. My smallest class had about 3 including myself =) I would go to Ann Arbor for grad school though..its a different experience. My best friend lives there now and she loves it. A lot of Chaldean students at U of M Dearborn huh? They have a student organization webpage.

++_+_+_+_+_+_+_ Yes, they were the first "Chaldean Student Association" ever... and I believe they had the first "Chaldean" web site up on the internet. What will you be studying in grad school?

My biggest class at LTU had around 40 people in it. For the next 2 years, (since there aren't that many physics majors), my physics classes will have around 3-6 people in them.

The other classes have around 10-20 students.

: Note: When I use the term Chaldean, I don't do so in order to make them separate from am I sure you know. We're all one people.

: Almost lunch time..

+_+_+_+_+ I always forget about the time difference. I know that you aren't trying to "separate" us by using such and such a name. If I thought that you were, I'd be no better than Frederick Aprim, PhD. PhD. PhD. the hysterian.

: Nahrain

-- Jeff
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