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Posted by Jeff from LTU-207-73-64-49.LTU.EDU ( on Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 2:51PM :

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Re: A Modest Proposal


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Written by Parhad on 23 Dec 2000 17:54:53:

As an answer to: Re: A Modest Proposal written by Jeff on 22 Dec 2000 04:42:28:


Before we can ask anyone to donate we have to set up a model that we can demonstrate will work. The idea of an endowment is good but premature. People tend to think that if you throw money around, buy equipment, rent offices etc. you're on your way to sure success or at least have the best chance.

The ceramic factory can start as a very small proposition. Three people and a small shop would be enough to begin. Narsai David, president of the Aid Society has told me we could probably get a bit of land or building donated by the government of north Iraq. They've given them title to other property and we wouldn't need much.

There are also organizations within Europe who specialize in funding ventures such as this, it's being done in Africa all the time. I hesitate to go to our own people to start with because they always smell a rat. They still think it was a crafty get-rich quick plan of mine to sell sculpture to Assyrians.

I have photos from an excellent book of these vases and bowls. I've made a copy of one of them in plaster and will soon have the time to carve the detailed design. After that a slip-casting plaster mold has to be made and some trial castings made. Next will come finding the right glazes and techniques for firing. We don't want them to look "brand new" neither should they be too antiqued. This will all take time and experimentation. After that comes the soul of the We have to see how these sell and at what price so we can determine if the whole thing will be effective. EFFECTIVE...that's the key word in anything I'm going to be a party to. I'm not interested in "feeling good about myself", I can get that elsewhere. I'm concerned that we develop a mechanism whereby we tap into the markets over here and in Europe and Japan where the big bucks are. I'm concerned that we begin the LONGE RANGE effort to give some economic strength to our people back home. They have the sense, the will, the intelligence and the NEED to prosper. We need to get their story told so we can buy some good public opinion press so that next time, and there will be a next time, someone wants to push them around we don't have to start all over explaing who we are etc etc.

Sadly, in my mind, I've written off the present generation in Iraq. I recognize that I'm no match for the destructive force this country has brought to bear on that entire region. Those who weren't killed outright have had their lives darkenned beyond measure. They can heal down the road and I'm willing to work as fast as I can to be down that road when they get there.


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