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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, June 14, 2002 at 8:41AM :

His comment about Stella is about par for the course for these heroes of ours. No Assyrian would do such a thing. I know another woman, a very decent and bright one, who had her reputation smeared by these "men". And so badly that she feared members of her family would harm someone. She decided it was best for her to absent herself...and we all lost a human being and gained even more slimeballs.

This has been their tactic...this is the pride and the greatness of Assyria today. It is another form of what Nimrod, Bejan and Golani do. They find ways to exhaust, disillusion, use and drian the energy of countless people...people who are genuine and sincere but lack guidance and make the fatal error of following a leadership such as that.

All of it...from Arabesque on up to Bejan is intended to chase away anyone that might threaten a personal vision of Assyria that has these leaders seated on thrones above us as our guides and mentors. Even though these people are all amateurs at it and as unskilled and lacking in vision, beyond the myopia which sees them as the embodiment of our Heritage, in their spare they are. The whole point is to keep Assyria a place of such low expectations and standards, that any one of these leaders could lead us with the minimum of effort and thought they are willing to put into the their off hours.

Their one fear is that we will outdistance and outgrow them....THAT'S why we're where we are...and our standards are SO low...that someone with a fancier car or two and even MORE spare seen by us as a really truly GRAT leeder.

Hang in there one chases you away.

-- panch
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