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Posted by panch from pool0076.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Friday, June 14, 2002 at 9:09AM :

Reading over that rag I can't help but wonder at these people. This noise about all our achievements in Iraq, while at the same time slamming the government, Islam and anyting else that comes to mind, doesn't bode well for the future of the Assyrians or their three buildings and a dog.

It's almost as if those putting up the buildings are placing a built-in self destruct button that can be pressed from anywhere in the country. This has always been our downfall, believing that we exist on some rerified plane where the normal things of life don't apply. Can we want to be martyred and made to suffer SO badly that we unconsciously set ourselves up?

I know it's a wild thought...but how else explain it? Everyone else knows the value of making your position, your place, your existence known to those in power, to the PEOPLE who remain constant, not the politicians who change like socks... ...as any number of Assyrians fawn all over politicians...like they aren't being bought and paid for...like they REALLY care about whoever gives them the bucks.

What we need the most, we shy away from the most, and that is Public recognition...to become a known entity in THIS country among the PEOPLE and on the media's radar. We avoid it assiduously because we fear being laughed at...and fearing that we go on acting in damfool ways that WOULD get us laughed at...but NOT getting the exposure and NOT cleaning our act up, is getting us killed off...and that is worse than getting laughed at. Or is it?

Christians really believe they are going to be rewarded in an afterlife,especially in proportion to how much humiliation and pain and loss they suffered here on earth. Maybe the prospect of having those dormitories pulled down by an irate government on top of the heads of those students isn't really such an awful thing...on some sick and weird inner level...a sort of tug that pulls us not towards the light and life...but to obscurantism and life in death.

Build over there all you want to....hope all you want to....trash talk Islam and the government and Saddam all you want to...cozy up to the Brits and Americans and Jesus all you want to...and none of it will last a millisecond unless you are known by the people of the most powerful country on earth.

Public recognition and exposure is the ONLY thing that saves a political prisoner or a prisoner of conscience. If no one knows your name, or you...your captors can do what they want with impunity...just as has happened to us in the modern era.

It will happen again...another sacrifice, that's what all these buildings will be, and the children inside of them...another sacrifice to this mad god the Jews gave you.

-- panch
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