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Posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, June 14, 2002 at 9:56AM :

***Editorial Note:
This post was made long ago at COL. I offered to help the person, but received no response. My question to you-all is: Do you think that such a book would be a good idea? Are "traditions" worth saving? Which are outdated, and which should be kept??


Question on Etiquette and Tradition

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Written by amrikiya26 on 30 Jan 2001 10:40:25:

Is there a reliable resource somewhere on Chaldean etiquette and tradition--(Sort of a "Chaldean Ettiquette for Dummies"?) What I'm referring to is some culturally-specific source of information that answers questions like: in whose house is it most appropriate to have a funeral gathering; should a female in-law hug and kiss her male in-laws or just shake hands (I've seen both); at an engagement who should buy gold for the bride; how long should I wear black after a funeral; traditionally, who pays for what at a wedding, etc.
If there is not, are any of you interested in possibly collaborating on one as a sort of cultural-preservation project?


Re: Question on Etiquette and Tradition

[ Chaldeans Discussion Forum ]

Written by amrikiya26 on 31 Jan 2001 06:07:07:

As an answer to: Re: Question on Etiquette and Tradition written by Jeff Atto on 30 Jan 2001 21:57:57:

I'm so glad to get some feedback. It's unfortunate that misunderstood traditions are quickly discarded in any ethnic-American culture. Chaldean-Americans have already amended many traditions (like throwing combination Shower/Engagement parties--I still don't understand that one), and almost completely discarded some (like pre-wedding Henna applications). Maybe a project like this could revive some educated ethnic pride, or at least preserve the few traditions that are left.

Let me know what you think would be a valuable angle to take with this, and how to get some enthusiastic contributors to the project. I've done a little bit of writing (I've got a BA in English and a Juris Doctor), but I lack most of the necessary knowledge of history and tradition to fully undertake this. I am definitely willing co-author / organize some of this, but for this to be truly culturally valuable, it needs to be comprehensive--I don't want to give a half-hearted reason as to why we separate funerals into men and women or to give bad advice on how to properly ask for a girl's hand. (And I definitely cannot answer the burning question--Why do we eat Pacha every Christmas? HA HA).

I'm looking forward to your feedback.

(written by amrikiya)

-- Jeff
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