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Posted by Jeff from bgp01107368bgs.wbrmfd01.mi.comcast.net ( on Friday, June 14, 2002 at 11:22AM :

From Zinda, ... a page out of your book panch.


Last week we discussed the imminent need for the edification of a
framework towards a stable economic and political infrastucture. This,
we said, was the Third
Phase of our existence following the traumatic experiences of the last
century (i.e. Seyfo and the Mass Immigrations since 1970's).

We also agreed that at this juncture we ought to be prepared to
adeptly sort out our priorities and implement a national plan - a
long-term financial and political

It is said that the Lamasus (Assyrian winged-bulls) were installed at
the entrance to the Assyrian palaces to protect the royal family and the
people against evil
spirits. The head of the man signified wisdom, the body of the bull -
strength, and the wings of the eagle- speed. Even in business today, it
is universally accepted
that the three important prelates to success are knowledge
(information), power (capitalization), and speed (access). Any company
possessing the Lamasus in
their execution cadre having the skills to maneuver the three
attributes is expected to lock in a competitive advantage. This is also
true with nation-states and
people in general.

Bottom-line: We barely possess any one of the above.

For so long we have numbed ourselves with the revelries of the
glorious past. When our "cultural antidepressants" are taken away from
us, we resort to the
stories of atrocities, genocides and massacres.

Truth is that to re-build, after such a long-stretch of living as
"second-class everything", requires a very complicated solution. To date
we have been consuming
our precious time with the causes of our gloomy current conditions.
Instead let us take this challenge head-on and enter the Third Phase.

A simple question: Had we millions of dollars and an opportunity to
"re-build" ourselves, where would we start?

A better question: Who among us is qualified in terms of financial and
political wisdom (modern-day Lamasus) to offer a long-term plan of
action which would
include our people in the Middle East and the Diaspora?

The answer is simple: we may not have one!

Where do we begin then?

Two options: we either hire our modern-day Lamasus or we breed them.
We know they're out there. They're your children, long-lost relatives,
and friends from
days-gone-by. And they're working for the "competition" (evil
spirits). Unless we have a concrete plan of action and a vision, we may
never be able to recruit
these wise men and women.

In the meantime we must begin producing our leaders of tomorrow by
promoting higher education through financing the education of our
children, building
schools, publishing text books and research material, sponsoring
educational programs, and funding university trusts and lectureships.

Let's review: a long-term strategy requires able commanders,
consultants, and implementers. All this, in turn, requires money and
plenty of it too.

As was explained last week, one-time contributions and "generous"
donations do not exist in the realm of the Third Phase. The education of
thousands of
Assyrian high school and university students in the Middle East and
over fifty other countries around the world requires a more complex
arrangement of monetary
supply and disbursement of funds. But more on that next week.

With the right "commanders" in place, the soldiers of the Third Phase
can quickly begin the implementation of a long-term national plan.
Unless current leadership
or guardians of the status quo offer a skill to enhance the
competitive advantage of the commanders of the Third Phase, they cannot
not be considered for the
execution of the plan. Hence, our ineffective "Federations",
"Alliances", and "Congresses" will continue their unsuccessful ventures
until they too, not withstanding
the competitive edge of the Third Phase, self-destruct.

For our voices to be heard and our rights recognized in the arena of
international politics our capable commanders must possess wisdom,
strength, and speed.
Inarguably, these require a superior sense of reasoning, excellent
communication skills, critical thinking, and skillful decision-making.
Hence, the first and the most
important of the three pillars of the Third Phase is "education".

-- Jeff
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