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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Friday, June 14, 2002 at 5:02PM :

In Reply to: Re: for Nahrain posted by Nahrain from DNab4078e2.Stanford.EDU ( on Friday, June 14, 2002 at 1:02PM :

xxx I STILL can't get over that - it's quite a privilege to know someone like Tracy, you know.

: *********Speaking of perfume, I think I have enough for the next 10 years I kid you not. My aunt sells perfume and gives me tons of it. I'm such a pack rat. I so much girly stuff that I don't even use on a daily basis. I do wear make-up not because I feel the need to do so to feel good, I just like it and all the perrrrty colors.

xxx You sound like a milder version of my closest girl friend from undergrad. She's SUCH a pack rat. I send her my stuff when I don't want things anymore, & then I bitch at her about what a freak she is for having so much junk. It's funny... but some of the things she had were really cool, actually. She had this wealthy aunt who'd send her interesting designer clothes & my friend would go to Mexico every summer w/ some of her rich friends from boarding school - so she just kept things she'd stumble across. She wanted to room with me once in undergrad, but there was NO way, as much as I loved her, I could live with such a mess. I mean, we're talking mounds of clothing all over the floors, old food rotting away in containers, cigarrette butts sitting on all the window sills, make up splashed everywhere, perfume bottles, candles, every imaginable kind of liquor bottle (esp. Kahlua & Tequila), & dark colored velvet pillows everywhere... I think we liked each other because we were good balances for each other. She taught me to lighten up (a bit) & I taught her to take herself a little more seriously. We had a radio show together, freshman-junior years, once a week, where we'd play whatever the hell we wanted to, lie about what we were playing on the playlist, come up with our own public service announcements, & dance around like banshees in the studio w/ our tops off. Life just isn't the same without her.

: ****We ONLY used Aktins...the prof switched the book for the next yr. hehe Im not sure to what though. We used the Vollhardt book for organic chemistry which is pretty good overall.

xxx I don't remember off the top of my head which Orgo book we used... let me tell you next time.

: Sweet! We need more women in acadamia. That's such a problem. I think the chemistry graduate programs have no problem getting females into and through the program, but getting them to go into teaching is really tough. There is truly a lack of representation of women! You know, I think its really because most of the men in acadamia are of the old school and are pretty much jerks. I have faith in the next generation...

xxx Physics is still "old school." Chemistry is getting better, & biology seems to recruit a lot of women in undergrad, but less in grad school, but that's changing every year. The majority of faculty in my department are men.

: ******** Small schools are like high school---you know everyone you want to within the first week :)I still love the environment though.

xxx Yeah, & everyone you DON'T want to know knows everything about you. I avoided sorority rush like the plague, but every other girl, even my closest friends, participated - instead, I got a job at a locally owned pizza/sandwich place for the weekend evenings. I liked the job, made a bunch of new friends w/ the other students who worked there (it was almost as if working there was like being in a club, except you had to deal w/ drunk assholes occassionally on party weekends), & made extra money. It was a good excuse to have when someone tried to pester me into going to another lame sorority function - if there was a party I'd want to go to or a band I'd want to hear, I could always ask for that time off, & when I got off work, I'd go night hiking w/ my best guy friend in the whole world or find my other friends who were still awake & hang out & make mischief.

: ****** I agree. Fast recall is good :) Its a different way of thinking. I've always like mathematics--I almost double majored. But after diff. Eqns., I was like, umm, no modern algebra thank you very much heheh

xxx I wish I could retain things in my head better...

: ******I'm excited about going. The weather is going to be great--mid 80s. Its a change from hitting the malls...YES, I like to shop...goes with the whole pack rat thing. I have more clothes than I could possibly wear. I'm going through them and donating some this summer.

xxx Good idea! I have to be severely depressed or looking for something specific to go to a mall. For some reason, buying a nice skirt or shirt makes me feel better, even though I'm wasting money. I try to give clothes away as soon as I realize I probably won't wear them ever again... but I'm not that trendy, so clothes actually have a slow turn-over rate in my closet - I find classic clothing (NOT matronly, just things that don't go out of style very easily) irresistible, & I only buy clothing made with natural fibers (rayon being the farthest from natural). I'm rambling. I don't wear make up anymore - I used to wear a bit, but have completely dropped it, except lip pencil for special occasions. My mom's the same way - very simple in make up & classic in attire. & definitely NO nail polish - it promotes fungal growth under your nails, you know? Nasty stuff - doesn't let you breathe! As for perfume - my dad's asthmatic, so we all avoid buying things w/ scents added to them - if I want to wear anything that smells nice, I go w/ rose water from Syria - you can cook with it & wear it - it's multi-purpose!!! Besides, the whole make up & perfume industry is so manipulative, you know - I don't like to feed into it. So many women, so many beautiful faces, all covered up with veils & masks of dust & fine mist sprays! God, I'm rambling.

: ******I'll check out the article. I will tell you more about Ti catalysts at a later time :)

xxx DEFINITELY! I thirst for knowledge. Here, let me push my glasses back from the tip of my nose. THAT'S how nerdy I want to be. If only I could be that way... sigh.

: ***All important things to learn. I liked physics a lot. I don't know about the Feynman lecture series. Is it good? I want to take a comp. sci class too, but its tough cause the focus here is SOLEY on research. Iff. Eqns is a fun class.So much that I regretted not going into engineering. I'd like to take some engineering classes here. I'd like to learn to do some basic programming too. Fixing cars---yeah, I should learn that. I speak Assyrian, but I don't read or write, so I want to pick that up at some point. I used to read and write when I was in 5-6 yrs old. Man, I'm upset that I let go of it. There is so much want to read, learn and do.....finding the time and putting in the effort is obviously the biggest part of that.

xxx Dude, I wish you were here - then we could learn Assyrian together! I'm still scouring Nashville for someone to give me language lessons in it.

: ******That IS funny. This girl was my roommate for 4 years at K. She's just great and we share so many inside jokes and moments that I cant quite get with anyone else. She is a confirmed Catholic but dated a conservative, Repulican, and atheist guy and she no longer practices. He turned out to be a jerk and they arent dating now...She's into evolution and such. She's pro-choice, and she's going to medical school in two years for women's health as of now. She's getting an MPH at U of M. Anyway, her and I don't talk about politics and such issues.. We acutally were kinda at each others throats during the Bush/Gore thing. I was so pissed that Bush won; not that I was a big Gore fan, but hey, its like who would you rather be president of the TWO. Urgh.

xxx I sold my Native American best friend on Nader, b/c he was running w/ LaDuke, who was championing the Native American cause. Plus, even though my friend's a creationist, & anti-abortion, she's pro-environment all the way. I don't think I can get her to become pro-choice - I've worked on this for years, since 5th grade. & I personally don't care if someone says they think some way or another about how the world began, so her being a creationist is just fine by me - she doesn't force it on me except when she gets all Biblical on my ass - & I know how to switch the topic from that gracefully now.

: One time she got kinda edgy when I was raving about how cool it is that there is an Assyrian female that went to Stanford med and is now doing her residency here too in Ob/GYN. She's like, I'm sure there are plenty of "German-Americans" that have gone through the program. So basically she doesn't "get it." She knows who Assyrians are and such ..mostly through her art history classes...but I let her know. She's great.
: Oh, one of my roommates here (she is gone for ths ummer) was part Native American and Republican..BIG TIME. She said sides with Israel 100%.

xxx Yeah, I totally don't understand that. I mean, it's almost as if one could call the Palestinians the "Native Israelis."

: I got so annoyed. I personally choose to remain neutral on the topic. I think both sides have faults and that's pretty damn obvious. Yes, the treatment of Palestians is inhumane, but I also think that the suicide bombing route is NOT the way to go. I know they can't defend themselves militarily, but still, they are playing into the whole "Axis of Evil, Arabs are bad" kinda thing.At least that's how the US sees it like that. What I want to know is where are their Arab brothers and sisters?!?!! What kills me is that they claim they are all one with other Arab nations when the time calls for it, I think the other Arab nations are too oil-tied with the US and the rest of the world to honestly give a damn.

xxx Yeah, their governments are. The people aren't being heard.

: Its pretty damn sad. I've come to accept that we live in a world of special interests. No one gives a damn about others. Yeah, I may have lost faith in people, but is that surprising?

xxx No, it's not surprising. But if you'd grown up somewhere with a better welfare system, more environmentally conscious & humane citizens & corporations, & universal health care coverage, I think you'd be more optimistic about things. These things exist, just not in the US.

: Anyway, I think that Israel can exploit whatever they do simply cause if the strong national ties with the US.

xxx The US would never have entered WWII if not for Pearl Harbor. The US government didn't really care about the Holocaust - when we won WWII, we ended up glorified for saving a people we weren't out to save to begin with.

: It doesnt take a genius to understand when people say that Jews run the US..At times like this, its hard to imagine that they don't.

xxx Well, I think the pro-Israel lobby here is huge. The Palestinians should have started campaigning heavily earlier, but then again, I think the "Arab" world was still recovering from the end of the Ottoman Empire when the effects of WWII hit them as well. The people of the Middle East (& elsewhere) have been manipulated so much... of course they were aware of this, before, but I think they are starting to realize that more must be done - of course, proactively.

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