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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, June 15, 2002 at 8:52PM :

You are Christian...not the same thing.

In the old days, and you do all agree that we come from, and are related to, the OLD DAYS RIGHT??? Well, in them days your religion wasn't something you went shopping for...something a travelling salesman brought to your village for you try on for a better fit...better benefits...everlasting waranty and all that stuff.

Your religion and your culture were the same thing, both taught to you by your parents and cultural institutions. Christianity developed among the Jews, and really only belongs to is after all their bible you all follow. I don't know what business Assyrians had with leaving their own venerable teachings aside for somethign even most Jews didn't want...but there you have it. Un less of course they didn't and all Assyrians were killed, leaving us with a lot of Christian sects and sub sects and side sects.

In any can see clearly the benefits of retaining your native religion, keeping that tie that connects you to your ancestry intact and unbroken...see it in the Jews who were even more abused and brutalized than we were and for far longer...who have nevertheless managed to get back their country while we are still begging for one...while helping them keep theirs and attacking ours.

It isn't by accident that we find ourselves in this bizarre position...and whatever toehold we have in our ancient lands is getting closer and closer to being lost for good. When that happens, coupled with the inevitable loss of our younger generations in the Christian West where they can settle in and be accepted and wont see much reason among them for maintaining what seems more and more like a dead and dying culture.

Don't blame me...that's just the way it's playing out, and if you think making bold and pretty sounding statements is going to do anything meaningful for us you are sadly mistaken, and I think you know that. It's just that you guys have no clue as to what might actually be done to reverse this trend and the klnowledge of that and the sinking feeling it gives you makes you feel that you at least have to maintain pride in words and attack anyone who seems to be attacking you. You make the same mistake any math student makes when he gets the problem wrong and then thinks the treacher is out to "get him" when he tries to point out the errors and encourages the student to try again and maybe a little harder and with more thought next time.

-- panch
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