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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, June 15, 2002 at 10:18PM :

>Hey if there not Assyrian, too bad if they died, but they have 1 billion people to help them. Don't feel to sorry.

+++Of course they are Assyrian! Let me get this guys figure because you are Christians and the rest are Moslems, then you MUST be the Assyrians???? Is that how it works? Since when were the ancient Assyrians Christian? Some of us apparently converted to Christianity, an offshoot of Judaism, and others turned to Islam, another offshoot of Judaism, I came to my senses a while back and returned to Ashur, where we always were.

There is no way of knowing who in Iraq is Assyrian and who isn't. Your notion that somehow Christianity makes you Assyrians is hard to swallow, to say the least. If the other people of Iraq don't mention being Assyrians it is because they have other things to attend to, besdies talking. They have an entire country to run and to protect from the attacks of other Christians...surely you jest.

Iraqis admit that ALL the people of that region are their ancestors, and that is in perfect keeping with the way we Assyrians were, inclusive. What you guys propose smacks of that same exclusivity that jealous god Yahweh insisted on. That wasn't the Assyrian way. And if that population includes Arabs who came with the Conquest, then it is no different from you coming to America and becomming American in time. America is a melting pot...that's why it is so strong. The country you guys imagine would be impossible to live in.

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