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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, June 16, 2002 at 10:42AM :

In Reply to: You have to love this... posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, June 16, 2002 at 10:23AM :

The United States gives a shit about Israelis or Muslims. The real point to all of this was the same as during the Cold War , plus is a distraction while they rob the treasury and pass legislation and overhaul agencies and repeal or let lapse anything that stands between a businessman and his profits...from which we dummies glean a few pennies. Not to mention the pipeline through Afghanistan for Caspian Sea oil that we now get to make into a democratic pipeline which we will defend cause we LOVES democracy and crude too.

Trillions of dollars went up in smoke, not just for anti-bullshit measures but in all sorts of projects that were stalled or had no hope in hell or were facing serious opposition. Once the funds are allocated you could find out the election was bogus and the money would still be gone. These guys made off with the cash available...what they'll do now is get us to borrow in order to be "safe" and they'll get as much of that as long as the game lasts.

EPA is being dismantled, clean air regluations, acid rain, deforrestation, clean water...all the regulations that keep these avaricious sons of bitches from cooking our children and selling them back to us, are being done away with under cover of this threat these same guys have worked tirelessly to manufacture.

No one in the Muslim world gave a hoot in hell for the United States beyond emulating its pop culture. There was no grand design to kill Americans out of "envy" fer chrissakes. It took a deliberate policy pursued for years, mostly by paying Israel to attack its neighbors, since 67, that finally snapped a chord it took the US but one attack to snap.

And there you have it...enemies from without and within...all of us suspecting every darkie, every foreign or exotic sounding name or face...and they did it even better than the last time with the Commies. ANYBODY could be a Commie or a sympathizer...and really what had they done? Ethel and Julius Rosenburg were executed for nothing...the one "threat" from within they manufactured. But now...we have a "war" forever, basically a war on the American people and the Constitution, like the Drug War, that damn document that keeps the Republicans and their Religious fascists from rolling all over us and taking us back to the Dark Ages when god ruled and the rest of us burned.

This time they actually have real people who, with a lot of grooming and goading can be counted upon to go nutso on us every once in a while. They are an invaluable asset, partners to every Repub who thunders about Terrists and" threats" for ever and ever.

Our only hope is the people...always the people,,,,NEVER the government. Will we see it in time? Will we have the guts to just say stand up and call these people what they are? It's's in our hands, not theirs.

Carpe Deum..."Seize the Bastards"

-- panch
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