Afghan Women

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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, June 16, 2002 at 11:14AM :

You have to stand back in awe of women every day. Historically they civilized Men...the Romantic Movement we still live in was begun by women...Women's Emancipation led to the Civil Rights Movements...women were even behind Prohibition because they got tired of drunken who were being worked to death by other men...and supplied drugs by other men.

In fact it would be safe to say that women make living worthwhile...not just in obvious ways, but because they have been the ones to nurture us all....our gardens our was women who discovered agriculture, I imagine, as they were out picking roots and berries close to home, where the babies were...while dad was off clubbing with the boys, on the head of a Mastodon. It was she who probably noticed the plants growing along the path she walked daily in her forraging, dropping seeds as she went.

And in that hellish government where war was declared on her for the last several years, Women raided the Men's club that is going to be their government...asking where their husbands and children were.

Even there, they are looking out for men and boys and girls too.

I could never understand the attraction of being a male homosexual...what in god's name is appealling in another man? being one is bad enough.....LOVING one???

-- panch
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