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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, June 16, 2002 at 12:35PM :

How hard Hanna works as a dedicated member of this Grat Nayshun. Do you see what I mediocrity has been built into what these guys define as "Assyria"?

Any other People, ANY other people would embrace someone like me, even though he annoyed them...any People who wished to remain vital and engage in anything meaningful.

Would the Jews or the Americans go to this much trouble to ensure a safe haven for a collection of illiterate churchpeople? Elements within the nation might wish to...and maybe that's all these forums are...the reactionary elements within our people. How different are they than any religious fundamentalists, than Jerry Falwell or any moderate Mullah or Turkish official.

Don't ever despair...Aprim and the rest of them will go nowhere...that's why they treat their forum like the last resting place on earth for their kind...a safe haven they managed to patch together with the tools and institutions of America, a land they neither understand nor live in, not really. They are refugeees, guest workers who came here after making a mess of themselves in our Homelands. And to cover their failures there, and here...they create a dictatorship of their own but a RIGHTEOUS one cause they are Christians and can do no wrong.

I only wanted to prove the point, not to you, or them, but to all those who surf around deperately seeking anything remotely Assyrian. These guys ain't it...that's for damn much as Gassbag is any kind of a Chaldean.

They are merely lost here in America where they encounter a standard way too high for what they have come to expect and accept from themselves. They want to crawl back to the womb where it is dark and secret and comforting and where someone else does the living for them.

I tried to give them birth and they decided to abort instead.

-- panch
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