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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, June 16, 2002 at 7:35PM :

I'm going to suggest to the Assyrian Foundation in Berkeley California that they consider sponsoring a series of debates at their general body meetings, or wherever most appropriate.

I think it's time we took these issues to our public, live and in the flesh...enough of this writing in Space. A working title for the series could be..."The Significance of Our Identity in The Modern Era".

If they agree, I challenge Aprim to meet me in debate. I'm sure there will be things said like, "you are not qualified"...or, "you are rude". I just spoke before them, and I have spoken other places...far more than Aprim has, so I'll be especially gentle. And, I am as qualified as any other one of us...and I am willing. A topic can be chosen, moderator as well...and the topic laid out. Rules of engagement have to be rambling polemics or mind numbing statistics...we want to attract people not drive them away.

What do you say Aprim...a deal?

-- panch
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